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Hockey and Power

November 3-5 2017 Niagara Falls, Canada

An out of town hockey tournament for my son. If any of you out there have a son or daughter that plays hockey, then no need to read on. For those that don’t, let me paint a quick canvas. Kids play hockey, most parents get drunk. A team bonding experience like no other, where the kids run around the halls until all hours of the night, wake up early, hardly eat, go to the arcades, swim in the overly heated, overly chlorinated, overly disgusting pool, play some hockey and then do it all again the next day. A chance for the parents to really get to know each other and soon realize that you have nothing in common at all – except for the hockey expenses that you both overly paid for. A chance for sons and dads to get away from the mothers and wives but then you soon realize that it’s mostly the mothers and wives who are on the excursion. A chance to have team dinners at the overly priced Boston Pizza and Hard Rock Cafe with overly cooked food. What a weekend. The coolest part of it is being away from home though, and able to experience something new with your child. As we walked home one night after dinner along the falls boardwalk, the kids were overly impressed with the power that the water fell, while the noise getting ever louder as you get closer, and the kids asked a lot of questions. With this, the weekend could’ve been over for me. I was overly impressed with the kids being so inquisitive and in awe of what they had just seen. Unfortunately the parents were underly aware how to answer the question of how the falls actually provide power. I guess we will just stick to hockey.


2 queen beds at the Embassy Suites by Hilton. Rooms are spacious and have a nice little sitting room. Very well designed for families who can put the kinder to bed and then enjoy a cocktail or three in a separate space. It also lends to great mini stick games in the room.


Serta Perfect Sleeper. The Hilton Suite Dreams Plush mattress, manufactured on Feb. 6th, 2015. A relatively new mattress. Very nice sleep aided by some night caps. As you can see, the mattress was not only covered by quilted mattress pad, but also a full encasement, hence the reason why there is no clear picture of the label. Serta’s individually wrapped coils have been getting more popular lately, and starting to compete with the Simmons pocket coil. A nice mattress for the hospitality world, no reason to spend more than this. The equivalent of this mattress can be found at retailers for about 800$-1000$ in a queen size.


2 nights, and got a lot of it as our games were not early morning ones. In bed by 11ish and up at 8ish. No complaints at all.


As mentioned above, glad to see that the mattress was totally encased and there was a nice thin quilted pad on top of the mattress. The linens though, were anything but a baby’s bottom. Rough and tumble, like hockey. Not sure who is behind the decision here, but pillows were firm and both linen and duvet cover couldn’t have been more than a 180 thread count. Difficult to get comfortable when you feel like your whole body is covered in sand.


Linens and pillows aside, the mattress was cozy and comfortable. If I had to do another hockey tournament in Niagara Falls and this was the only hotel, I would sleep there.



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