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The many benefits of
Adjustable Beds

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Why buy
Adjustable Beds?

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Adjustable Beds can actually make you healthier! The medical benefits are not just for hospitals anymore, and adding a memory foam or natural latex mattress can make your sleep experience that much better.


A flat bed causes your body to shift into cramped positions and cause improper posture as you sleep. People with back or joint problems are made worse by sleeping on a flat bed. Sleeping on your side causes problems with breathing and circulation.

Adjustable beds allow you to sleep on your back and by inclining your upper body and lower body into a more comfortable position. Many of us find it enjoyable to rest on a recliner and there are reason why it becomes a place to relax. Today people read in bed, work on their laptops and watch TV in bed.

On a flat bed you must arrange many pillows to make yourself comfortable. The pillows move out of position and you end up with a back or neck ache. More studies are showing that Adjustable beds have therapeutic effects on the body. These premium sleep systems are designed for maximum comfort and individual adjustability. We are all different sizes and have different issues.

Patients with back pain are advised to use adjustable beds. A flat bed may not provide the proper support for the spinal cord, resulting in excess back pain and restless sleep. Inclining the bed at 45 degrees provides relief for the lower back. 


Raising the foot of the bed relieves even more pressure on the spine, which raises the legs and bends the knees. Patients having low back surgery feel an adjustable bed is far more comfortable than a flat bed.

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Alleviate Back Pain

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Relief from Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Patients suffering from acidity, benefit from having their upper body elevated 6 to 8 inches. This helps the stomach to retain the acids. On a flat bed, acid moves to the esophagus leading to episodes of acid reflux or heartburn.

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Elevating the upper body benefits patients with Asthma. On a horizontal mattress it restricts air tubes and increases the difficulty of moving air to vital major organs. Snoring is not a problem, except for your partner. Normally adjusting the upper part of the bed to a higher position eliminates or reduces snoring.


For some patients the snoring will prevent you from reaching a deep restful sleep, known as REM sleep. Patients are able to improve breathing, which delivers more oxygen to the body. This prevents the heart from working harder to deliver oxygen and blood to vital organs.

Those suffering from congestion also benefit from the bed being elevated. Keeping sinus and lungs clear, and keeps fluid and mucus at bay.

Being slightly upright is also highly beneficial for your digestion as it helps your body to process food during the night. It is not advisable to go to sleep on too full a stomach at any point, but if you have eaten within the last few hours then addressing your position can be helpful and by using adjustable beds you can position yourself at the recommended 6 inches and this will help to encourage healthy digestion.


Asthma, Snoring and Digestion

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