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Perfect Chair

The human body is naturally balanced, graceful and beautiful. So Human Touch® didn’t have to look far for inspiration when re-imagining their new Perfect Chair Series 2. Building on the iconic Perfect Chair architecture, this elegant design includes a fluid recline mechanism that uses the body’s own weight to gently ease it into a zero-gravity seating position that physicians recommend as the healthiest way to sit.


Add the accessory footrest and with a simple extension, this model is perfect for taller users. Stylish design cues and premium upholstery make it perfect for any décor. Welcome to the perfection of perfect.  


Human Touch® doesn't view perfection as a result, but rather an ongoing quest. In the Perfect Chair Series 2, they added elements that make their industry-leading chair look, work and feel even more perfect. Building on its elegant form and zero-gravity seating position that physicians recommend as the healthiest way to sit, they incorporated several improvements, including brushed aluminum leg accents, a sleek pad design, dual-position “HD” lumbar support and easy-touch smooth recline motion. Sit back and relax, this stunning evolution is a wellness and style revolution.



Ergonomic Pad Design

Expertly crafted using only premium upholsteries, this sleek new pad is designed for ergonomic comfort and support. SōfHyde, top-grain leather or premium leather upholstery covers the pad from head to toe, including the arms.


Immersion Motion

The recline motion smoothly eases back the Perfect Chair to position your body in a state of virtual weightlessness.


Dual-position “HD” Lumbar Support

Experience relaxing postural support to the lower lumbar region. The high-density, or “HD”, support is built-in and can be manually set to low or high position.


Sculpted Leg Accents with Integrated Floor Glides

Upscale brushed aluminum leg accent cues make this chair an even more perfect addition to your décor.


PC-420 Classic Manual

Zero-Gravity Recliner

The Perfect Chair PC-420 features a manual recline that uses the body’s own weight to gently ease into all recline angles.


Sit back and enjoy a new seating experience in your Human Touch® Perfect Chair. A chair that uniquely and beautifully combines form and function—perfectly.

Features include:

  • Articulating headrest with magnetic clasp for easy adjustment

  • Extended armrests give constant support even as the chair reclines 

  • Handcrafted, solid wood base

  • Durable SōfHyde upholstery that does not include animal hide or leather


PC-610 Omni Motion Classic

The PC-610 uses smooth power recline to independently position your recline angle and leg elevation into infinite comfort positions, all at the touch of a button. Designed with a wood base that is hand-carved and hand-painted, only by craftsman who have completed an in-depth, two-year apprenticeship program, and finished with either Premium Leather or SōfHyde upholstery.

Features include:

  • Articulating headrest with magnetic clasp for easy adjustment

  • Memory Foam PLUS conforms to your body's unique contours

  • Power adjustable lumbar system 

  • Handcrafted, solid wood base

  • Extended armrests give constant support even as the chair reclines 

Human Touch ZeroG® 5.0


The ZeroG® 5.0 massage chair provides a remarkable full-body massage using Human Touch Technology® specifically designed to enhance the way you feel. The Smart 3D FlexGlide® massage engine simulates the expert techniques of massage professionals to help restore your body and leave you relaxed and ready to live life to its fullest. Take a seat, recline to zero-gravity, and simply point to where you need relief on the revolutionary BodyMap PRO® remote. Enjoy an impressive selection of features bundled into the most modern massage chair designed for any luxury living space.

SōfHyde is a leather-like polyurethane material that does not include any animal hide or leather.


Smart 3D Massage Engine

Smart 3d Massage Engine 3D FlexGlide delivers a stress reducing experience and back pain relief like never before. Free from pinching and friction associated with typical massage chairs, every contour of your body is therapeutically touched by the unparalleled flexibility and seamless glide of our patent pending orbital


Auto- Massage Programs

AUTO-IMMERSION MASSAGE PROGRAMS Our esteemed Wellness Council have helped develop four full-body auto-programs featuring patented Human Touch Technology® to easily take you from stress to sleep.


BodyMap PRO

BodyMap PRO Simply point to where you need relief on the BodyMap PRO remote control for the right solution. The ZeroG 5.0 will deliver a targeted massage to specific areas as well as a full-body massage.


Go To Zero®

Go To Zero One-step and hold moves the ZeroG 5.0 into the zero-gravity position, the physician recommended neutral-posture position that relieves pressure on the spine at any recline angle.


Foot & Calf Massager

Foot & Calf Massager The fully encompassing foot-and-calf massager is designed for a therapeutic massage complete with vibration and proprietary Figure-Eight® Technology that help improve circulation. Under-foot rollers provide a reflexology massage while the foot-and-calf massager extends to your desired position and also rotates to a traditional ottoman.


Lumbar Heat

Lumbar Heat Using warm air patented technology, two lumbar heat modules gently envelope your back, soothing tight muscles and relieving pain.


SPECS - ZeroG® 5.0 Specifications


Upright Chair Dimensions : 44″L X 28″W X 42″H

Reclined Dimensions : 66″L X 28″W X 32″H

Seat Dimensions : 21″ W X 21″ L

Operating Voltage : AC110-120V 60 Hz

Power Consumption : 200 Watts

Product Weight 1 : 60 Lbs.

Maximum Load Weight 2 : 86 Lbs.

Rear Clearance Required : 3″

Shipping Box Dimensions : 59″L X 29″W X 33″H

Warranty : 5-Years Structural, 3-Years Parts, 1-Year In-Home Service


Black SōfHyde :  100-ZG50-001

Espresso SōfHyde :  100-ZG50-002

Bone SōfHyde :  100-ZG50-003

Human Touch ZeroG® 5.0
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