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December 27th-29th, 2018 – Barrie, Ontario

Horseshoe Resort

Some friends of ours asked if we would like to join them to ski an hour and a bit north of Toronto, for a few nights. The Mrs., was all over it, of course, and I reluctantly said maybe. So…..pack up the car with some snacks and wine and of course the cheese to go with that whine (note the homophone), skis, boots and all things warm. 2 nights and 2 days of skiingISH and half decentISH food and all the while the destination is resortISH.

Everything here is ISH except for the final bill. They try hard, they really do - and don’t misunderstand me here, this is a lovely place with lots of great activities for all to do – skiing, tubing, skating, hockey, indoor swimming. It’s really a fun place for the family and I would recommend it, just for the amount they charge for the 7 second tube ride and the 4 turns you are able to make down the slope.

Now, we have all been loud and obnoxious at one point in our career especially in the hallways, but at 500$ a night I do expect some semblance of order. It’s not high school anymore when you could take 99$ from your parents wallet and have a party all night. I had to be that guy. That guy! you know the guy that call hotel security because it was so loud in the hall. It was midnight before i was that guy, but I still felt oldISH. 5 minutes after making the call, I hear someone explaining to the folks in the hall to quiet down and they didISH.


2 x double beds, one for the Mrs. and I and one for the tots. It was a biggISH room that had a little sitting area sunken down, a little fridge and a decent size water closet.


Serta Perfect Sleeper Presidential. Anything but Presidential. Firm, uncomfy, with a huge pillowtop. The first thing I noticed was that the fitted sheet wasn’t deep enough to cover the mattress! HA! You could see the sheet popping off the top at the head portion. An immediate call to housekeeping allowed me to get an extra sheet to cover the exposed part of the mattress so we wouldn’t have to lay down on the non Presidential mattress direct. The pillowtop had run it’s course and the manufacturing date was 12/13/08 possible 06 – time for a change. As some of my readers already know, I am not a huge fan of pillowtops, as they tend to cave after a short time. Imagine what 10 years does. A pitching wedge couldn’t get you out of this divot.


First night about 9 hrs. Not bad at all, but night 2 was the night that really set me off, with the noise in the hallway and the dryness starting to set in only 7 hrs of alone time. Tossed and turned with the best of them that 2nd night.


200 thread count standard 50/50 hospitality nonsense. Pillows were on the firm side too like the mattress.


Sleep has been worse, but also a whole lot better. In these moments, I wish hotels would pay better attention to their mattresses. 8-10 years is a maximum amount of time to have a mattress in your own home, and I suppose, unless the hotel is at capacity for 365 nights, this is the maximum amount of time for them too. I would love to see a change here bringing my overall rating up to an ISH. ❄ ☃ ⛷

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