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October 21 – 23, 2019 New York City, New York

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be available to everyone. I am not sure why this overwhelming sentiment takes over me when I visit New York, but it does. Maybe it’s actually seeing Lady Liberty up close, maybe it’s that the city is so vibrant and full of life, maybe it’s because when I take things for granted and then get to be in such a great place like this, my emotions just kick in, who knows, maybe it’s football. What I do know is that NYC for a weekend offers all of the above and it’s really good at it too. This year, The Mrs. and I celebrate some milestone birthdays and an anniversary to boot, We are on a 5 year cycle, meaning we have been married for 15 years and our birth years end in a multiple of 5, either 5 or 0, you get the idea. So every 5 years we try and do something extra special. This time, with the wallet drainers, and this time in NYC. Love theater? Love sports? Love to eat? Love to walk? Love museums? I love NY. ❤😍 Absolutely no shortage of attractions and eye popping candy at every Avenue and every Street. Lower, upper, east, west, noho, soho, central, down and all around, Manhattan is one crazy island. No time for sleep really, but when you have to, the mattress has to be right.


The Mrs. and I in one king bed and the kids on a pull out sofa in the living area. Really great hotel called the Westhouse on 55th. Near to everything and situated on floors 19 – 26 of a mid century modern building. Breakfast included and even a happy hour between 5 and 7 PM! Really great staff and hope to be back there again.


Simmons Beautyrest. No pillowtop and plush. Great sleep, great mattress, no firmness at all but really supportive. Allowing your hips to sink in a bit and keep the curvature of your spine aligned is really the most optimal way to sleep. Simmons is a giant in the industry and int he hospitality industry too. No tags on the mattress could be found, partly due that the mattress was encased in a bed bug proof protector. On top of that was a very thin protector. Mattress was on a wood support that looks like ti was custom built for the hotel. No moving parts, no moving boxes or frames. Well done, Westhouse, well done.


Not lots of it only because we were moving and shaking all day, non stop. The nice part of being away is there is no schedule and as such we didn’t have to be anywhere at a certain time although breakfast closed at 10 am. Midnight to 9 both nights.


Meh – loud and obnoxious. Not the 60/40 split I like. I like crunchy chocolate bars and crunchy chips, nothing worse than hearing someone take a bite out of an apple when you move around at night.


Really great stay and really great sleeps. If your in this city ever and have a bad experience I would love to hear why. Everyone is friendly and so much to do always. Great mattress and great hotel makes a great getaway. 🏈🍕🍔🍟🌭🥨

GREAT RELATED LINKS have to eat here. Tons of fun! try and get to a game here – it is massive and awesome


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