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Desert Dessert

December 26 2022 -Jan 9 2023 Palm Springs, CA

Well, another Christmas vacation and wondering what to do, not really wondering I guess, knowing what to do and just wondering when I am going to book it! I had no doubt that we were going to visit my folks in the desert again and the Mrs. and I have agreed that as long as they are there, we are going to see them. The Mrs. lost both her parents far too soon and she has taken to mine (even more over the years as they age) as hers. I have no doubt that she still would have, even if her mother or father were here, as this is the kind of loving, caring, thoughtful woman I asked to grow old with me is. Last Christmas, December 2021, the whole family, 13 of us, descended upon my parents place in Palm Springs to celebrate and be with them for their 55th anniversary. My brother and sister and me and the kids and wives. Lots of planning, lots of events and dinners and activities and of course complaining, mostly from me. It turned out to be an amazing 2 weeks and memories were made, waves were ridden in San Diego, dunes were ATV'd near the Salton Sea, rocks were climbed in Joshua Tree National Park and as always the lunches and dinners were bountiful and so were the laughs and love. Biking, swimming, golfing, tennising, bballing, napping and chilling were all on the menu. It's no wonder they chose this oasis to retire to. When everyone left for home after 2 weeks, school had announced that they were going to continue on with remote learning (isn't that the oxymoron of the century). These kids can't learn remotely, they can hardly learn in person with all the distractions our world has become accustomed too. The Mrs. and I decided to stay, and stay we did for an extra 6 weeks! A maybe once in a lifetime opportunity. 2 months in all in sunny California. Our time zones were a bit messed up, it meant up at 5:30 PST and breakfast was at 9:30 PST but that was 12:30 EST and lunch was at 12:30, but that was 3:30, and you get the time zone thingy. Bottom line is that we had so much time to enjoy the sun, weather and all the above activities, even after the bulk of my family left. Blessed. I felt retired but wasn't, felt old but am not. Living in a gated community with so many retired and older people was out of a movie or could be - sort of like the "dude". I got to know the tennis and golf pro's well, got to know our neighbor's very well, so much so that I did some shopping for them and even built a relationship with the security guards at the front gate. I tell you this only as I did not blog about it last year, as I felt there were no mattresses or hotels - although we did take a quick 4 hour amazing jaunt with the kids to Las Vegas and stayed at the Bellagio. You can see a review of the Bellagio here from years ago - - rather just an amazing experience that we will never forget as a family.

Circling back, this year was a chance to relive that experience but just with the 4 of us. And we did. We had a blissful 12 days and did all of the above activities and more. We got to see our "family band" Maroon 5 on new year's eve (saw them the year before at a golf tournament) and this year even went to the new arena that is housing the minor league team for the Seattle Kraken of the NHL, the Coachella Valley Firebirds. The place is growing as fast as the wallet drainers and it has been a pleasure to watch it all happen, although the traffic has increased (see my complaining in action here?). Meals, fun, laughs and sport were all on the table. Last year, the desert felt like a delicious appetizer and a fulfilling tasty main course, this year felt like a sweet desert dessert with a cherry on top! Love you mom and dad and here's hoping for 20 more years whether in the desert or anywhere.


Parents in the murphy bed in the office/tv room and kids in the the second bedroom with 2 x twin xl mattresses.


I have reviewed these mattresses before, so no need to waste anyone's time. But exciting, sort of, is that I went mattress shopping with the old folks as they finally decided to take a plunge into adjustable beds! I have only been telling them for 19 years to get one. We went to Mattress Firm and I told the salesperson to just let us do our thing, there was an expert in the house! They decided on a Stearns and Foster medium feel. Beautiful mattress and they have no complaints yet (I get it from my mom) after a few weeks. Stearns is the upper end of the Sealy brand and has always made a really nice bed. Good coil counts and a cotton silk blend in the quilting makes for a cozy sleeping surface and although a bit beefy, still is able to flex and contour nicely to ones body and the adjustable base. Look for the Estate collection in Canada and the Studio Collection in the US of A.


I have written before that I am lucky to have been to several places on multiple occasions and how special they are to me. This, of course, trumps them all. (The above picture of the chocolate mountains is a drive I do every time I am there and try and catch the sunrise perfectly. This time it was to get the only half decent bagel in the whole valley, Townies, which opens at 630, a 6 o'clock wake up to make the 25 min drive). But, it trumps them all for obvious reasons, my parents. I noticed for the first time on this trip that they are really slowing down. It's hard to not think of the near future, one without them. I work hard on being present and enjoy all the wonderful people and things in my life, everyday is a gift, my logical left brain takes over sometimes though and knows the true reality. I think this could be the last chapter for them but hoping, of course, it is an epically long one. I look forward to getting back to the desert soon to spend more time with the people that matter most to me. ⛳😃🥯🌄

pelicans on the 5th hole south course. Patio view of one of our fave Mexican restaurants. The new Acrisure Arena. Marilyn in all her beauty in downtown Palm Springs outside the PS Art Museum. MY golf ball stuck in a palm! I crushed the drive, a bit right though, and had 100 in, didn't stop laughing about this one for a while! Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Views from Tommy Bahamas roof top restaurant on El Paseo.

GREAT RELATED LINKS really the only song I like (by them) Can't miss this. Really our fave fast food joint and I have mixed emotions about the fact they recently announced an expansion move with a new HQ in Franklin, TN. I have always loved that it was a west coast place but such is business. Good for the Snyder's!


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