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Dirty Diana

July 15th, 2018 – Town of Zakynthos

The Diana Hotel

Time to move on from our swank villa living and on to the next chapter on our trip. It called for a one night (tanks god) layover in Zakynthos town. Last minute in Greece is how we roll, not necessarily by choice. Expedia became a good friend. After swiping through a bunch of possibilities, the Diana had our name and credit card info. The town itself is actually quite beautiful and has lots of interesting history, both modern and contemporary. Mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, it was inhabited in 400 BC and was occupied by the Turks, French, British and so on. During WWII, the townspeople, including the mayor and archbishop stood up for the Jewish residents and did not allow the Germans to know about them. The synagogue on the island was destroyed in the earthquake in 1953 and never rebuilt but has a permanent memorial in it spot and the Jewish cemetery dates back to the 1650’s.


The Mrs. and I in 2 twins pushed together. Kids were in another room with a twin bed each. They call it the Family room.


Ideal Strom is a Greek manufacturer of mattresses, mainly foam. Like a Simmons or Sealy, they can be found mostly everywhere and especially in the hospitality industry. Nothing overly special about their beds and certainly nothing special about this one. As you would expect from a 2 star hotel, a 2 star mattress – scale is out of 10, not 5! Tight top on the firmer side, decent quilt with a bit of padding. Cleanish.


For one night only, fine, just fine.


As you would expect from a 2 star hotel. 100% polyester, hot and rough.


It’s always nice to “rough” it once in a while. I am not sure there was a better option. Hopefully there is and we can plan a little more in advance.



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