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Feels Like A Stranger

Gravenhurst, Ontario

August 18-20, 2021

Taboo Resort You know that feeling you get when you have done something so many times, and then you don’t get to do it for a bit and then when you get back to doing it it feels so natural? Sometimes it may also feel like a stranger? Well, I can tell you that going back to a hotel, for me, felt great but also felt like I had never done it before. There was so much tippy toeing and behavior and rules and masks and where you can wear it and can’t wear it and how long to wear it, to the washroom, to the table, to the front door, but not at the table and not in the room, but in the elevator and the lobby, but not in the washroom.

Bottom line is that the Mrs and I got to spend a few great nights at a classic resort “up north” as I have referred to in prior posts. This was particularly special, as I decided to rent a boat and cruise on around on the lake that I spent a lot of years at. Familiar territory for me and so special to take my wife on a rekindled journey of Lake Muskoka. We saw some old friends who are still on the lake and my old boss at the deli I worked at. Peter taught me how to carve a filet and cut a porterhouse. I made some killer sandwiches there too! Taboo resort itself has gone through some nice changes, and the rooms have been upgraded quite a bit since its inception about 15 years ago. All in all, we had a lovely 2 nights and days to eat, drink and sleep.


A really nice bountiful room overlooking the water on the 3rd floor of the main building. King size bed, with ample space to walk around and vaulted ceilings. Room for the whole family if you wanted.


Serta Perfect Sleeper – a classic choice for a resort. The Concierge Suite! HA! Not sure about you, but when I think of concierge, I think do something for me! Take care of me! Not this time. Classic pillowtop trying to mask the underside of the important part of the mattress, it’s layering and support. This one needs a new mask – don’t we all. Not well built with no real foam or coil underlay. It was sort of camp cot mattress on top of a plank of wood. Comfortable for some, not for me. Luckily, there was plenty of fun and no time to dwell on it.


Considering the above, it wasn’t a horrible sleep for me, but nothing to write or text home about. The beautiful part of the getaway was without the kids so time to sleep in the morning and relax about. About 7 hours with some tossing and turning.


Standard hospitality 50/50 cotton/poly blend. Maybe a 300 thread count, didn’t take notice or care much about the linens, duvet or pillows here as nothing impressed me.


Really nice to get back that feeling and to be away in a hotel for the first time in a long time. Even though it felt like a stranger at first, it quickly became a wonderful feeling of freedom and realization of how fortunate I am to be able to do this in the first place.🩱🩳🎾🚤



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