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Hockley Valley Resort

March 19th, 2017 – MARCH BREAK

Oh, March break, what to do, what to do. So many options, yet so little time and money. I remember my March break ski trips with my family, fun, lots of fun and even more fun, except of course, I had to deal with my parents and brother and sister – little did I realize at the time, how fortunate I was to not only to have ski trips, but fortunate to have a brother who beat me up and a sister who laughed at me. I surely hoped to be able to give my family what I had. My wife suggested something local, much like Family day, and since we have 2 kids with different school break schedules, we decided to once again stay local, somewhat. We went to Hockley Valley, which is about an hour drive north of the city. She found a great deal on the room package that included breakfast and ski passes for the day. I must say, quite convenient and quite easy on the ol’ pocketbook. The skiing wasn’t more than the hill you may find in your backyard and because of the beautiful weather we had that week, there were no more than a few slopes actually open, but the 2 quad chairlifts were running and no line ups at all ensured that we can get up and down in 2 minutes flat. No joke, I maxed out at 6 turns. We had a blast though, skiing most of the day along with another family of four whom we get along with great and wanted to share in this adventure. Lots of kids activities, including a magic show by Scoop McCoy, a great little place to escape too. Now comes the fun part, rewind 18 hours…..


1 night. 2 Queen beds. Kids in one and Me and the Mrs. in the other or so I thought….


Simmons Beautyrest Double Flip Pillowtop. See the 05 04 03 numbers? Day Month Year. Time for a change. This mattress was anything but excellence. The pillowtop has lost its’ cushion, the mattress has lost its’ support. You can see the label has some rolling in it, meaning the edges have lost their mojo. The box spring was on a traditional metal frame and covered with a bed skirt, but even the box had a slight sag to it.


I slept, sort of, from 11 pm-8am. Lots of factors involved here. Heat was cranked on way too high, and as a result the room was overly dry. You may be wondering why there is a picture of geese up above. Those were the ones that didn’t stop yacking all night. Seriously, all night! Oh yeah, I went to sleep with my wife beside me and then mysteriously got woken up by my 8 year old kicking me. That didn’t stop either. Seriously, all night! Needless to say, this was a very unsuccessful night, MOSTLY due to ulterior conditions, but I also can’t let the 12 year old mattress off the hook.


250TC 50/50, duvet cover and pillow cases. Pillows and duvet cover synthetic down. Scratchy, itchy and just plain old. Think of S.O.S – like the pads and HELP!


Obviously this was not the most pleasant night in a hotel I have spent. Regardless of my kid kicking me and the Canadian geese clamoring, the mattress itself did not hold up. It lacked what a pillowtop should do, which is to provide some nice cushion for your sore bones and achy joints. The slight sagging in the mattress also allows ones body to feel as if there is nothing holding you up and feels as if you can fall through at anytime. Not a great combination. Everyone needs a change sometimes, and a mattress is part of that equation. Do yourself a favor and change your mattress after 12 years. It will do your body and mind a whole lot of good.

P.S – All you can eat s’mores and a great family atmosphere.


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