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Zakynthos and Athens (Fresh Hotel) July 2022

I've written so many times about my home away from home in Greece, so I won't bore with you the details. Just know this was the first time back in 3 summers. 2020 and 2021 were a no go, so it was extra special this time to go and see our family that we love and friends who have watched the wallet suckers grow up. We had our usual time in Zakynthos but stayed in some other villas that we hadn't previously before. For the first week, in Strofilia, up in the hills overlooking the stunning blue sea. The second week in Symeon, literally at the stunning blue sea. 2 totally different views, 2 totally different houses, 2 totally different beds, and 3 completely satisfied people. The pictures say it all. In Athens, for 1 night before our flight home, we found a cute little hotel near Syntagma Square and equally as close to the Plaka. Wonderful experience and wonderful stay.


At Strofilia we had a cot for the girl and a queen upstairs loft style. At Symeon, a 3 bedroom house, we had our own queen and the girls had shared their own, we had some guests stay in the loft for a few nights that also had a queen. Both houses were lovely and set up was perfect for our stay, really just there to sleep anyways and in some respect I could probably sleep on the ground in Greece although the AC is a nice piece to the puzzle, on second thought sleeping outside would be horrible, the cicadas, the heat, the bugs, no way I would slepp outside.


An Ideal Strom, very euro and it seems to be the popular choice in Zakynthos. Not overly firm and not overly soft. Both at Strofilia and at Fresh Hotel in Athens. To be honest, I am a bit embarrassed as when we got to the hotel in Athens, my first sit down on the bed was like, ugh, another shitty mattress. I never go into a mattress knowing what it is and don't want to have any pre registered thoughts about the mattress, so my pictures are always taken on the day of departure. Low and behold, the pillowtop was turned upside down! I feel like a bit of a moron, as even the best in our fields can mess up sometimes. The middle picture above shows the pillowtop on the wrong side! Too bad it wasn't a double sided pillowtop, that would have made this review a bit more dependable, but in either case, just the one night before our flight home and just fine.


On the island and on the mainland, just right. Always a good sleep after lots of sun, tsipouro and a belly full of kouneli stifado.


Some toppers here and some basic linens in all places, really not lending much to the comfort of the mattresses.


Every night is a good one here and it is always great to visit a place you call home. Looking forward to going back every year from now on whether there is a global pandemic or not.



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