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Home Sweet Home

Toronto, ON

May 25th-May 28th, 2017

So it’s been almost 2 months with no new hotels visited, no geese keeping me up and no new mattresses to review. But I’ve been busy, mostly tending to the garden. “They” say that we have something old decaying way below and that’s how these clumps of mushrooms pop up. That and lots of rain. Anyhoo, what else to do, what to review, what to talk about. I mean, I like to talk about anything and everything, I’m always up for a good chat, but I don’t really know much like I know mattresses.

And then whamo, I mean bam, right in the keister.

The Mrs. tells me she is going out of town on a work thing and I have the daunting task to hold down the fort. What was I going to do, how was I going to manage the kids and work and meals and baseball, and dance and swimming and piano and flag football and art class and all the other annoying over programming of my kids. KIDS. Without her, I’m good but nowhere near as good, like inconceivably not even close to as good. With a bit of help though, I knew I could handle it and I looked at it as a great opportunity to bond with the kids* and most importantly – wait for it – you got it – a mattress review. I’m going to tell all of you about the greatest mattress in the world, for now, MINE!

*make sure to see link below for funny dads – I think number 6 is absolutely brilliant – the ponytail


4 nights alone in my own bed. AHHHH! The Mrs. and I have 2 x Twin XL mattresses as we, of course, sleep on an adjustable base which allows us to position our bodies perfectly. No more propping up pillows strained necks to watch TV or read in bed. There will be much more to follow on the benefits of an adjustable bed in further posts. Cant’ wait!


The Sorrento latex bed by Zedbed is a full latex foam construction featuring 4 layers of pure talalay latex from Thailand. There is a firmer 6″ core base and then three 2″ layers of a softer fast response talalay latex. Plush and cozy and probably one of the best I have slept on. Being in the biz, it’s important to note that I have slept on lots of mattresses. I mean SLEPT on. Not like 3 or 4 nights at a hotel or a night in your friends guest room. This is my most recent mattress that I have been on for about 2 years. It is magically inviting for so many reasons. First, the latex has an overall pressure relieving quality to it, so whether on your side or back, it really provides a nice soft landing spot. It conforms to ones body and allows you to get comfortable. More often then not, the reasons for tossing and turning in bed is because our bodies are in some sort of discomfort and therefore we need to find a more suitable position. With a mattress that relieves those pressure points, theory suggests better blood flow, less t and t, and a better night’s sleep. Now, I’m all for theory, but practice is another thing all together. For me, and most of my clients, when latex is put to practice it is a real winner.


My regular dose – 11 PM- 7:15 AM. If it wasn’t for the darn neighborhood gardeners, I would have had another 15 minutes. Why do they need to start so early? 8 AM is a perfectly acceptable time.


Great sheets, holy Pete! Of course, Egyptian cotton 330 thread count. Goodnight. Tempur Pedic Cloud pillow – discontinued. Too bad for all of you.


Like I’m really gonna rate this below a 10. Great sleep, great product. I highly recommend looking into an alternative mattress for your own home. Alternative meaning a non conventional spring one. Innerspring still outsells, but not necessarily the most comfortable for everybody.



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