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Judah the Maccabee


JULY 11-13

I sit on Frischman beach enjoying the crashing waves of the Mediterranean sea, in Tel Aviv, thinking about the history of this country. I don’t want to get into a history lesson, as there is too much to tell and too much I would leave out, but there is a great story about The original “Hebrew Hammer”. His name was Judah Maccabeus. He was the leader of a courageous group that tried to defend his country against a Roman empire that ultimately ended poorly for the Maccabees. The Macabbiah Games are named after him.

The games are the Jewish Olympics and took place from July 3rd to the 16th throughout Israel. Thousands of Jewish athletes – a bit of an oxymoron – from all over the world competed. One of these athletes is a dear friend of mine and to his surprise, I attended his games and Team Canada took home the first loser prize, errrr, I mean silver medal.

He is a baseball player and a great one at that. I have been encouraging him to try out for the team for years, but to no avail. I’m so glad he had a change of heart – for both of us! New city, new hotel, new mattress!


I ditched the Mrs. and the kids for 48 hours – left them in Greece and booked a cute little place call the Ultra Hotel. One bed and one very small room right across from the beach. The hotel is situated on the second floor of an office building which they renovated. 18 rooms in all. They use Green Water – which sounds great, but it sounds like a vacuum cleaner every time you use it. Inexpensive and worth recommending if you are on a solo mission.


King Koil – a well recognized brand all over the world. This particular mattress was a great blend of firmness with a wee little pillow top to provide some cushion for us side sleepers. Nothing to complain about here, rather all praise. Mattress was on a very low profile solid foundation, covered with a pleather fabric that eliminates the toe stubbing pain. A perfect fit for a couple of nights in the land of milk and honey.


Arrived from Athens at about 2 am, and to the room at 3 am. Needless to say, I slept quite well and woke up at 11 the next morning. The second evening was accompanied by some vodka but managed to crawl into bed around 1 am and still slept like a baby. Night three was accompanied by more vodka and even some beer. My flight was at 530 am, still managed a solid 3 hours. All of this was due to the mattress. Well done, Ultra, well done.


Pretty decent linens – don’t remember much of my whirlwind trip, but I do know that I didn’t end up hating the accessories. The duvet was soft and cozy even though it was 90 degrees outside. Pillows had some girth while still being soft.


Would visit this hotel again, and would recommend this mattress to all. Remember that a pillow top does not need to be 4 inches thick to have great results. Only a bit of cushion for those ailing shoulders and hips should do the trick. It is a nice choice of mattress for a hotel as they will no need to replace it in a year while it still provides a nice place to lay your head.


Just to let you know – I have had some great falafel in my time – I mean great. This could be the best to date. Not kidding. Go there.


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