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Copenhagen and Langeland, Denmark July 13-21, 2023

For some reason, Copenhagen in Danish is pronounced the way this title reads. Strange language and really difficult to learn, understand and speak, but also a fun challenge. I learnt some new words this time, like sefougli which means, of course. Vis ise, which means see you soon and also skile got, which means something is shit good! Those are usually the go to phrases and it's always great to learn "how do you say" in any language. Verden cia men is the Danish for this. As it happens, this is the 3rd time in Copenhagen with the Mrs.' cousins and did not disappoint. The most loving and wonderful people one could meet. So inviting, so sweet, accommodating and willing to do anything for us and one another so much so that when we decided to visit them, most of them took a few days off and planned for us to be all together and when I say all I mean like 15 of them! This visit not only included our stay at the matriarchs home in Gentofte, just a suburb north of downtown, but also we travelled to Langeland, or Long Island which is 2 and bit hour drive southwest of the city. First time for me and the rugrats there, and it was lovely. A cute little town called Rudkobing, don't ask how to pronounce that! Think of any old European, one cobblestone street that has a town square, a church, some shops and statues - can you see it? You're there! Amazing and quaint and charming and homely, but not the North American homely, the British one. Skile got homely. Not sure if we went swimming in the Baltic Sea or the North Sea - as its nestled between the 2 - but no matter, it doesn't negate the fact that it is cold! Frigid and somewhat refreshing and not nearly as salty as I had anticipated. That plus the cold air made it a true Nordic adventure, like the Vikings had done for centuries before us. Vikings, what a disaster. Pillaging, raiding, pirating and goodness knows what else, not sure I would've survived the 9th century in Denmark. Anyhoo, great times in Langeland, Svendborg, Copenhagen and surely will be back as long as the cousins will have us - cousins once removed, twice removed, third cousins - who the hell knows what we are, but I will tell you that we are family and that's really all that I care about. I forgot for a second here that this was a hotel mattress review blog, well as we stayed at our families homes, there is nothing to really review so let me know if you need to know anything about Denmark and I would be happy to answer your questions.


Copenhagen at our cousins house in a double bed, yes a double bed for me and the Mrs. Tough but made it work - she insisted we stay with her. Kids on blow up twin mattresses in the basement. In Langeland, we stayed with John and Beerte on the upper floor of their home and the Mrs and I had a euro queen and the girl had a double mattress, the boy opted to sleep on the couch. John and Beerte are still a bit of a mystery to us only that they are a friend of the cousin who lives in Langeland and they were lovely hosts.


None to speak of.


Every night and well with a combination of drink and laughs and touring around makes an old man knackered - the British version. I always thought is was naked and that just was British slang for tired but I guess those Brits just don't pronounce the "r"


What fun touring around the country with family and friends and being able to experience a place that is so nationalistic and proud to be alive and all around happy. I think its the happiest place in the world whatever that means. Open face sandwiches in Nyhaven pronounced newhow, is a treat. Where else besides Amsterdam do you get yelled at for walking near a bike lane. So much to do and see, museums, galleries, shopping on Stroget, not sure how they pronounce that one, is all a delight and don't get me started on the pastries. Those eggs above are from the local farm around the corner in Langeland - the 2 middle ones are green - tasty as could be. OMG, almost forgot that Bruce Springsteen just happened to be there the night we landed. 😊⚽🥐🍻🎢🤘🎷🎸

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