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Cleveland and Detroit August 2022

Another summer and another summer tour announced by one of my favorite bands. I always hope they come to Toronto, so I don't have to travel that far to see them, but I do also hope they come sort of close so I can use that as an excuse for another road trip. As I and others are anxiously awaiting and hovering over our computers for the city list to be announced, we are salivating at the opportunity to get away from our city and the kids and maybe the Mrs.'s, just for a few nights. Waiting.....Computing....Authorizing.....Wait for it.....Wait for it - Cleveland and Detroit on 2 consecutive nights! Boom! Christmas, 2 days in a row and that's even if you are Jewish. Texts starting to fly, "where are we staying, who's driving, need 4 tickets." So exciting, then you realize it's March and this isn't happening until August. Oh well, back to work, kids, spending money, tolerating the traffic that you sit in to take them to dance and hockey and art and soccer and school and parties and and and. Before you know it, August is here and we are off. A few air bnb's, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the shows, some drinks and good pals to enjoy it all with. The best part of it all, is that a Toronto show was also announced and they played at home a week later. What a week, what a band - no sleep till Toronto!


First night in a lovely house that we rented in Akron, Ohio. Just 15 minutes away from one of the most beautiful amphitheaters around. The Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls. Beautiful building in a beautiful state park. At the house, we each had our own room, but I ended up on the couch. See below. Second night was at the Spring Hill Suites in Auburn Hills. About 7 minutes away from the mighty Pine Knob Music Theatre, another outstanding live outdoor venue. 2 queen beds and a pull out sofa is what we were in for here. This was our backup plan to another house rental, but unfortunately couldn't find anything in the area or affordable. Not the best set up by any means, especially after seeing the sofa bed.


This was my room, not sure how the mattress guy got this room, but I supposed we all take one for the team at some point. Hence the couch for me. Alright, we've all had a abd night here and there but If you think this is bad, I don't even have pictures from the second night at the hotel. The pull out sofa mattress looked like it was made in the 70's and the queen beds were so horrible we should've brought our air mattresses.


Really not a lot of it on wither night, but the band was in town, our ears were ringing and the adult beverages were flowing. I never need any sleep when it comes to these kinds of trips because there is so much energy happening all around you at all times and really just need a place to lay your head.


Just a great time, great road trip with the fellas and seeing the band we love. I will do it until I can't anymore, no matter where I need to lay my head.🎸🎶🎺🐟🐠🐡



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