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Long Story Short

Los Angeles, CA April 29 - May 1, 2023


About a month after Phish was announced, the epicness got more intense. Willie Nelson announced a 2 day 90th birthday extravaganza at the Hollywood Bowl the very next weekend. My goodness, just "roll me up and smoke me when I die"! As if it couldn't have gotten any better, it just did. I waited patiently for the tickets to go on sale and somehow I was able to get 2 tickets to this once in a lifetime event. Long Story Short was the name of the weekend, so keeping with theme, the long story short is that the Mrs. flew out on the Friday for Willie and we saw 2 amazing historic "night life". For a few months the lineup for this show was being talked about and who was going to show up and what would they play and how was it all going to go down. No use in thinking about it too much and just enjoy what was being thrown our way. The bigger story is that Willie Nelson is 90 years old. It's strange that recently all "my heroes have always been cowboys" and with that I've seen him a bunch, in Anaheim, in NY, in Toronto a few times, one time I even got to shake his hand after the show. Customarily, he would walk along the front of the stage while greeting and shaking hands, when it came to mine, I asked him if he wanted a joint, and while he was already three steps past me, he took three steps back and we had an epic hand shake, a big grin from both of us and on his way. This was well before our country legalized, so I am sure he appreciated the contraband! Anyhoo, I've followed his career as best I could and really listen to his voice, his phrasing, his guitar playing and his words and always want to "stay a little longer". All the above are second to none. I thought the last time I saw him would be the last. This was going to be a treat. The weekend prior at Phish, during set break, we would hang out at Ann's Wine Bar to get some drinks and noticed they had some food. I had to set something special up for the Mrs., so I made a reservation for both nights prior to the show. Perfect experience as it's right on site with a perfect view all 360°, great food and of course they had the Chardonnay. My wife loves her Chardonnay. You can even take the bottle to the seats! Show time at 7 both nights and the journey begins. Chris Stapleton, Charley Crockett, Neil Young, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Stills, Roseanne Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and we are just getting going. Lyle Lovett comes out and kills as does Dwight Yoakam and Keith Richards and never forget Emmylou. Those were the highlights, but you will probably be able to see the full lineup and show in cinemas in June to a theatre near you. "Crazy" experience indeed and it's sometimes not "funny how time slips away" as both nights seemed to come and go so fast. But "it ain't over yet" and we hope till 120! We stayed really close to the venue with walking distance "always on my mind" as getting in and out of there is tough by wheels, so we walked a bunch to and from the venue. Sleep was necessary and when it happened, it happened well.


The W in West Hollywood. Close to the action and close to a whole lot of dingyness. West H has changed a lot since there last and lots of homelessness right on the strip. It was sad to see and not sure that anything is being done about it which is sadder. The hotel is not in the best of locations and unfortunately we could see "angels flying too close to the ground". We had a spacious room with a king bed configuration. The rooftop patio and pool has an outstanding view of downtown and the hills. Nice spot to be in although we weren't there that much, a good spot if you say to your pals" I gotta get drunk". Most of the hotel that weekend was there for the show.

Just happened upon my ultimate fave outside of the Capitol Records building


I was nervous on this one and not sure if I was going to need a "bloody mary morning" after a sleepless night. I was dead wrong, the mattress was soft and plush and conforming and luxurious and pillowy and cloud like. Perfect, like the whole weekend! W hotels use Simmons Beautyrest and sometimes you don't know which model you are going ot get depending on which city you are in. Sometimes a pillowtop plush like this, sometimes a tight top firm. A good bet it will be comfortable though. I think they sell these on line for a tremendous upcharge. Most of the hotel mattresses are available in retail stores for a regular price and no need to spend extra on a "hotel mattress". Remember, it's the whole experience of the linens and the pillows and how many martinis you may have had that night and maybe even that you are going to see Willie Nelson that can really play a role in ones sleep. Don't assume the mattress is that special at a hotel just because you slept well there. In this case, it was the mattress that lent to an extra special weekend!


I told you it was a 3 parter. After some thought, the middle part was spent in the desert at my folks place in Palm Springs. I have written a few times about that experience so won't bore you again with the details. Just know that it was hot and hotter and golf and sleep were all excellent and did do something new though which was visited Sunnylands. Check it out in the links below. AND if you are ever in Palm Desert, you must have the best toffee ever. What can I say more about a truly once in a lifetime event shared with my favorite person of all (not Willie) the Mrs.! We had an absolute blast and saw maybe my 2nd favorite person! LA, the Hollywood Bowl (5 times in a week) and music that will never die. It's always great to get "on the road again" and hope that the "me and Paul" (aka The Mrs.) will have many more experiences, but they won't quite match this one as Willie is an American icon and there is nothing else that compares to his contribution to country music, music and just plain old life.😎🎶🎻🎺🎸🪕🎹🎂🍰🎈

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Charley Crockett - kills me. Love him


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