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Geneva, Switzerland Jan 5 -7 2018

This place is expensive. Like out of the realm expensive. It’s so expensive that you don’t even have to have the conversation with The Mrs. about how much that glass of wine just cost or the hot chocolates for the kids. You just pay it – bite your lip – chalk it up as an experience that you may never have or want again, and then move on to the next expensive thing, like chocolate, or clocks, or watches, or fondue.

We took the train from Paris to Geneva, about 3.5 hours. Great way to travel. Quiet, room to move, on the ground, and somewhat more decent toilettes. Lucky enough for us to meet some family and friends there who took us around and showed us the quaint vieux Geneva. Even more lucky that the walking was no charge. If you like cheese, this is place to be. If you like bread, this is the place to be. If you like melted cheese, this is the place to be and if you like to dip bread in melted cheese – than this is the place to be………Bains des Paquis. You order your food here –

And then you do this:

....for about an hour and a half until they roll you out.


Warwick Hotel, across from Central Station. Perfect location and had a great connecting room with the Mrs. and I in one king euro style bed and the kids in two separate twins. Surprisingly enough, the room(s) were not that expensive, maybe cause I prepaid on Expedia or maybe because there needs to be some choice other than the Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Beau-Rivage,(outstanding chocolate fondue) The President Wilson, Grand Hotel Kempinski, The Ritz-Carlton, The Mandarin Oriental, and Hotel d’Anglaterre – just to name a few. There are more luxury hotels in a 2 block radius than I have ever seen.


Serta Perfect Sleeper. The strange part about this though is that the Serta label says “Manufactured by Pikolin”. This is where it gets confusing. Pikolin is a Spanish bedding company that has been manufacturing mattresses and related bedding products since the 50’s.

They have a vast array of choices, mostly dealing in foam, and have plants in France and Spain – thanks, Google. They obviously have the European rights to manufacture the Serta brand, but is it really a Serta or is it a Pikolin? In either case, nice job. The mattress was on the firmer side of soft, medium let’s say, and inviting. Straight up innerspring coil with no nonsense layers of foams and quilting. Good old fashioned medium firm mattress, a nice solid choice for this hotel. I hope to be able to tell you one day what mattress the Hotel President Wilson has. What I do know is that they have the most expensive suite in the world.


2 nights of loveliness – 9 hrs each one. No sore bones or achy joints. Woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed which is not always the case, even when on holiday.


I never thought in my life I would have anything good to say about Austria, other then the Sound of Music, but Holy Scheiße! Kauffmann, which I am familiar with, just never laid in their products, makes Austria look good. Specializing in Eiderdown, they have a full spectrum of duvets and pillows that are special. We were blessed for 2 nights with probably the best down I have laid with. I know St. Geneve, I know Cuddledown, I know Pacific Coast. Kauffman rocks! Most down pillows lose their shape, are too hot, and can have a foul odor. Not a trace of anything in these babies.



Very pleasant stay and very good sleep. It may be redundant but who really cares, I was in Geneva! I would recommend the Warwick for sure and this is a beautiful city with lots of stuff to do.



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