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Not quite 'chalet'...

Collingwood, ON

December 21st-22nd, 2019

When you hear the word chalet, most would think of an alpine cottage, maybe in the French or Swiss Alps, could even be in Colorado or British Columbia. I suppose you could consider what we stayed in a chalet, especially with the classic skis and snowshoes on the wall. The A frame, too, lends itself to chalet. I would say the real shanda though is the skiing itself. An old built up garbage dump that is lucky to get some snow covering from time to time about 2 hours north of Toronto. We are blessed with flat land in that part of the world but thank god for our consumption! No garbage, no slopes. In any event, another chance to drain the wallet and create memories. 2 nights, with another family, that was filled with fun, ski, hot tub, drink and sleep. Or as some know it – cruise, booze, tub and snooze. I never expect much from these rental places in regards to cleanliness, quality of linens and mattresses, and with good reason. If I have told you once, I have told you twice, expectations are tough – as more often than not they disappoint. The best part of no expectation is you can be blown away with what you get. While blown away is an overstatement, I would say my overall sleep experience was not quite chalet, but more newish build rental property for weekend warriors.


The”chalet” had lots of bedrooms – 2 with queens upstairs – where the Mrs. and I shacked, and downstairs, 3 bedrooms with bunk beds, and the kids had a marvelous time.


Sealy Posturepedic Eurotop – a bit thicker than a pillowtop on a basic box spring laying on a slated foundation. Eurotops are funny. They have nothing to do with Europe at all. In fact, they are the exact opposite of Europe, thicker and lots more padding. Europeans, from my experience sleep on much thinner mattresses with hardly any padding at all. This North American phenomenon came from what we call MORE. We want more! Extra tops and padding to make it more luxurious. For the most part all of these eurotops, comfortops, pillowtops, just give the mattress more of a chance to sag and create a sleepwell or sleep impression. Even more for couples, a divide between the 2 of you. Lots of sizzle and no steak became the mantra a while ago and has not changed. The demand for extra padding and quilting is rampant and as my one British friend would say, bullocks. You can still get the plush luxurious feel from a 10″ profile than with a 14″ profile. When it comes to mattresses, I often find that less is more.


The mattress was about 10 year old, and had some life left in it. Lucky for me it softened up quite a bit over time, so in addition to the booze and tub part of that earlier equation, the snooze was satisfactory. To bed late and up early always has an impact on anyone’s sleep. About 7 hours both nights. The room was very dry and staticy.


As above, satisfactory, dry and staticy.


Always tons of fun to go out skiing with the family and to enjoy it with another family. This really is a great place to go for a few nights to get away, and the rental “chalets” for the most part are a nice option. I would recommend booking it well in advance to get better choices of accommodation. 🎿🍸🗻


Never leave Blue Mountain without having one of these…….


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