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Nottawa in Winter

January 16-19, 2020 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Supreme Court of Canada Parliament Buildings

Remember the road trip to Pittsburgh? Wasn’t really banking on another one so fast, even though this one was in the calendar since October. Another hockey tournament, another chance for dad and son bonding, this time I was lucky enough to share the 4 and 1/2 hour trip with the boys’ good pal and his dad who is a good pal of mine. The 4 of us headed out of Toronto at 11 am. Great conversation and revelation, old time stories and recounting memories – like how we met at a train station in Europe, or when he passed out at a concert, or the lovely Czech woman who we rented an apartment from – the drive flew by, as if we were in the air. The hotel was situated a few hundred meters from the parliament buildings, which we passed, and I told the boys that no one I voted for worked there. Reaching our destination, our cc, our capital city, I remembered how quaint the downtown core was, I remembered visits when I was 12, I remembered all of the history and government I learned in school. They, on the other hand, didn’t care much for it as 12 year old boys wouldn’t, I was only hoping that when they go back with their kids, they would have the same fond memories as me. 3 nights of team camaraderie, horrible food, hotel shenanigans, hockey and COLD. My lord it was COLD. Doesn’t get better than that, right? Sounds like a nightmare, but for the kids it’s a dream. I was hoping to catch some dreams too, albeit the mattress had something to say about that.


The Ottawa Downtown Marriott with 2 double beds. Double! Double! My 6’3″ frame was not gonna like that. I asked for an upgrade, but they put the whole team on the same floor so no go. I kept a positive mind knowing that the weekend was about the boy. 2 x double beds in a room the size of a freezer, not much room to spare. SO COLD!


Sealy Posturepedic Plush and man oh man plush. I was thinking when I first sat down on the edge, this nightmare just got a bit more pleasant. I am a softy and I do really prefer something on the plusher side. Not sure if the plushness was due to the mattress itself or rather how old it was or both, no matter, it was good enough for me. No extra pillowtop and extra bells and whistles, just good ole fashioned plush. No need for the pillowtops and fancy pants covers and toppers. Sealy did well here and it was on a standard box spring and hospitality type support frame – did I mention that it was freezing in Ottawa.


Not lots, as the parents get to have some fun too. Combined with the early morning games and the dry rooms and the poly sheets, see below, about 7 hours each night, below my norm and it was COLD.


More poly than cotton in this one despite what the tag says. Pillows, sheets, duvets, towels were not much to write about and COLD. The combination of cold, dry and scratchy is not pleasant, even with a comfy mattress.


Of course it was a great weekend. Went to an Ottawa Senators game, skated on the Rideau Canal, watched my son play hockey. Really it was excellent, even though I never want to go to Ottawa in the winter time again. 🥅🥶🏒🧊

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