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NYC Part Deux

Thanks so much to all for reading, following and sharing your comments. Hope everyone is back to school safe and sound and looking forward to sharing more mattress related news with you soon. In the meantime, I put a call out to everyone to share your adventure and hotel mattress experience. Without further ado, our first guest blog – thanks to EPM for sharing.

The City That Never Sleeps (unless you stay at Westhouse).

August 28 to September 1 2017 Guest Bloggers New York City

Last official week of summer 17. We decided to pull a Griswald and take a bite outta the Big Apple with our two kids who had never been to NYC. We left the T dot at 8:00 am, arrived around 6:00 pm, with an obligatory midway stop at a Diners Drive-ins and Dives fav, Funk N’ Waffles in Syracuse. Dropped our stuff at the hotel and headed to Times Square to take in the BIG lights, the BIG sounds, and the BIG painted boobies* (see last link below). After a reasonable (!) $150 dinner consisting mostly of buttered pasta and Broadway tunes at Ellen Stardust, we were exhilarated but tired and ready to pass out. SET UP

Westhouse Hotel at 55th and 7th. Two Queen beds. Mom and 8-year old daughter in one bed, Dad and 10-year old son in the other. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.


Beautyrest by Simmons Hospitality. It was as good as diving into a piece of Carnegie* original cheesecake – cool, smooth, firm but not too firm, soft but not too soft. A truly comforting experience. A plush mechayah. Surprisingly wasn’t sweaty despite sleeping so close to the kids and conformed nicely to everyone’s bodies, including Dad’s 6 foot 4 frame and NY-stuffed belly. The mattress was in decent shape, appeared to be only a few years old without any evidence of bed bugs or trauma. We think it would pass the UV light wand test.


Over the course of 4 nights, we averaged about 8 hours of sleep a night. A good amount of energy to walk the city streets, visit our lady Liberty, take in a couple Broadway shows, catch a Yankees game, look up at the Grand Central Station ceiling, play in Central Park, eat at Chelsea market – all in what seemed like a New York minute.


The beds were well protected. Very well protected. Almost like going through Security at the Statue of Liberty. The mattress was zippered in and then had an additional protector on top. The linens were 200 thread count, 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They kept us cool and crisp, supported by the blasting AC. There was no fitted sheet – just a flat sheet tucked in very tight, which made it hard to to get the one foot out. The pillows were extremely soft but did the trick with two stacked on top of one another.


This was not our first stay at Westhouse. We keep coming back because of the proximity to Broadway and Central Park, the included breakfast and happy hour drinks and hors d’oeuvres, the hospitality, the swanky Art Deco design and decor, and of course, the beds. We can now add family friendly to the list. The perfect combination to put you in a New York State of Mind.

*Sadly Carnegie Deli closed it’s doors December 2016 but the fond memories of cheesecake and pastrami live on literally in our hearts.



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