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Off Piste

Verbier, Switzerland Jan 7-14 2018

This place is expensive. Like out of the realm expensive. Yes, still in Switzerland and still tres cher. Here’s the difference, in Verbier you are skiing and to me there is no better way to spend your money. I was lucky to learn how to ski at a young age. I am lucky to be able to continue at an older age. The thrill, the excitement, the adrenaline, the energy it takes, the sense of accomplishment you feel getting down a mountain on 2 pieces of wood under your feet. I often think of who was really the first person to tackle a mountain as a sport. Sure, the Scandinavian countries were using skis for getting around and hunt for food and to explore new land and probably in battle too. But who was the first person to popularize it for leisure and fun. I would like to shake his or her hand. I would like to buy them dinner, I would like to take them to Verbier and see what their vision accomplished. Europe has a fancy way of saying groomed and not groomed. Piste and off piste. Doesn’t it sound so much better, more distinguished, more elegant, more difficult? Off piste. Off piste. Off piste. The Oxford dictionary also defines off piste as “to deviate from what is conventional, usual or expected”. So the next time I hear someone order a triple venti soy, no foam, half caff latte with an extra shot and cream, I will know that they are “off piste”, among other things. Needless to say, I was off piste for the bulk of my days which made my body ache and my bones sore, and after a week it was multiplied by 10. No complaints though because I have a profound appreciation of where I was and who I was with. What one really needs, is to make sure you get a good night’s sleep after a long horrible grueling day of sunshine, skiing, and of course apres ski.


Chalet Sorojasa. A privately owned chalet with 6 bedrooms, a cook, a hostess, a fridge full of food and beverage, a hot tub, swimming pool, steam room and beautiful muscle rub creams. The Mrs. and I in one queen bed (euro style) and the kids next door with twin beds. Rooms were small, but more than enough to just sleep in and sleep, if I may add, is the second best thing to do in bed. Reading is a close third.


Googled everything and came up with nothing. All I know is that it was a pure 6″ latex foam mattress with a very thin cotton quilt. I mean, if the location and activities and everything weren’t good enough already, they hit you with a latex foam mattress! I love latex for a whole bunch of reasons. Conform-ability is outstanding, maybe not quite as much as your Tempur Pedics or memory foams, but still fantastic at getting into the nooks and crannies. Latex comes from the rubber tree and then molded, cured, baked into a solid piece. Latex can come from a whole bunch of regions around the world and for that reason there are many companies that are manufacturing them. One thing to make sure of, if you are looking to purchase a latex mattress, is watch out for the full organic claims. There are only a few manufacturers that can claim full organic certification. Most latex has a synthetic agent or component that allows it to harden and rise, much like the baking soda and yeast in my mothers challahs. In either case, the best part about latex is that it has an on top feel, like a traditional inner spring mattress but nothing pushing back up at you and better yet, no sinking in like the memory foams. SLEEP Every night. The first one not so great. Really dry and didn’t hydrate enough on top of the fact that I was overly anxious and excited to strap on the gear. The next 6 nights were pure bliss – The mix of apres ski, a beautifully cooked meal, sore joints and hardly being able to feel your body, with a good mattress is the right concoction for me. I truly slept like a well sleep trained baby. P.S and truly a post script because as I was reviewing this with the Mrs. she reminded me that I snored uncontrollably for a few nights, and she wished we had our adjustable beds so she could raise my head up to make it stop! LINENS AND MORE

The White Company from London. Think Restoration Hardware meets Banana Republic. Furniture and home accents to a variety of clothing options – including jumpers and trousers. Jumpers, so cute. Pillows and duvet were just as lovely, soft and comfortable. OVERALL

Off piste. Off piste. Off piste.

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