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Orea Part II

Figari Villa – Zakynthos

JULY 16-21 2017

As we move to another home closer to the sea, there are few, if any changes to the first experience. Food, drink and company remains strong, although the laughs turn to belly ones.

The view gets better, the flowers are more bountiful, the sun is stronger and the days are longer. The most significant change is the mattress. Good does come from change sometimes, and no doubt this change of bedrooms is a wonder for me and my back. Obviously, the owners of this home have some idea of MY comfort level.

A beautiful end to a beautiful vacation. Giassias!


The usual, Mrs. and I in about a double bed and the kids in another room with their own twins. European sizes can be quite different from North American ones, mainly narrower, so the transition is always a bit difficult. I love my space and I love my wife, but sometimes I don’t love my wife in my space. Right?


A local Greek company called Linea Strom from their hotel collection. A really nice all foam mattress that has some great support, yet still conforms to the body. This is what a good foam mattress should do.


Pretty consistent 11ish – 9ish remembering that I am on vacation. A hard rain fell, as you might tell from the pic above, one night that woke me up about 3 am but got back asleep quickly.


Nothing fancy but enjoyable. Don’t have much detail on these but all I know is that I didn’t wake up with an itchy rash. Pillows were plump and firm.


Unbelievable monastery overlooking the sea. Dates back to 1641 and well worth a visit.



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