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The fountains at the Bellagio

Las Vegas January 29th – Feb 1st 2018

They call it Las Vegas Market. 3 Buildings, 15 stories each, that sit near the downtown core of Las Vegas, not far from Fremont Street and this guy…..

A chance to meet and greet any major player in the furniture industry. Buyers, sellers, designers, wholesalers, and the like all congregate twice a year, July and January, to touch, feel and see the latest in home furnishings. I don’t go often, but this year there has been some major changeovers in the mattress industry – I won’t bore with details, you’ll have to visit me to hear all about the most exciting things to ever hit the mattress world yet. I mean it really is groundbreaking, so out of this world, mind blowing stuff, I never saw it coming! I decided to have an in and out visit. With that in mind, I asked the Mrs. to tag along. 36 hrs of unadulterated fun – in a place where everything is adulterated! I decided that all I really needed, was to work the show for one long full day, Monday. Landed at noon on Sunday and had a relaxing day, on the strip for a bit, to the pool in the afternoon, and to Caesar’s Forum Shops for a quick look. I was hoping to take my wife to old reliable, Nine steakhouse for a great meal and also to give Helen a hug. If you have only started your journey with me, you won’t know that Helen WAS the maitre’d there and she helped me find my phone that I left in my cab years ago. Unfortunately for me the wife and Helen, there were no reunions or hugs to be had – Nine CLOSED. No shortage of restaurants in this place though. Bellagio it was, at Yellowtail. Don’t miss this place! After a full day and night of doing almost nothing, which included losing 150$ at blackjack in 6 straight hands, it was time to retire and was looking forward to what I might find under the sheets.


The Mrs. and I in one king bed – beautiful corner room overlooking the fountains. Automatic drapes, automatic bedroom scenes. One of the best features of the room, was the safe. Couldn’t find it. Looked everywhere. In the closet, in the bathroom, next to the coffee maker, under the bed, behind the mini bar. It was in the drawer of the bedside table. Brilliant!


The Bellagio, part of MGM Resorts, is an older hotel, yet they still keep up with good practices by supplying their private label comfort top mattress by Serta. Nothing overly special, but a nice firm mattress aided by a soft comfort top. You would think in Vegas, hotels would want to keep you out of your room, but I could’ve pulled off a Howard Hughes or a Montgomery Burns here for sure. A quick look at the mattress tag revealed 2 things. One is that this mattress was manufactured in October of 2017, so a very new mattress which is always a good thing. Brand new mattresses haven’t been through their work in period, so they will always feel a bit firmer then they are intended to be. And, conversely, something 3 years old will have some sort of body or sleep impression in it and may feel a bit softer. We got lucky – the mattress was warmed up for us for just the right amount of time. The second was that this was a California king mattress – measuring 72″ wide by 84″ long. Different from the traditional king mattress which measures 76″ wide by 80″ long. No toes dangling of the end of your bed and also no need to sleep on a bit of an angle. Being 6’3″, the length is welcoming. Most of us also tend to sleep on “our” side of the bed anyways, with very few people actually sleeping in snow angel formation, so you don’t really notice the 4 inches on the width. Nice idea for a hotel, the first I have seen.


Only one night as the second night was on the plane. We took the red eye home to get back to work and the kiddies. We did manage to have a nap after dinner though on the second night as our plane didn’t leave until midnight. Both rests were peaceful. The first sleep was 8 hours and our nap was about 2 hours. Our second half sleep was on the plane, and this is no place to sleep. Horrible.


Sobel Westex duvet, linens and pillows. Not surprisingly, the Bellagio uses this company, as do many on the strip, as they are one of the leaders in hospitality linen game, and their HQ are in Las Vegas. Nice part is that they do sell to the public. Nothing overly special here, pretty standard 100% cotton, guessing around 300 thread count. Good job for a good hotel.


I love this place. I feel different here than anywhere. The people, the gambling, the energy, the lights, the sounds, the enormity – maybe all of those things. I feel alert, eyes wide open, as if I am going to miss something if I blink, like a kid, like a kid in a huwmungis plagrawnd. I think that if the mattress sucked I wouldn’t really care. Lucky for me it didn’t, and also that the Market will be a place I will visit for a long time to come. 4 stars!


*2022 update: above link seems to be broken now :(*



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