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Road Trip

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

December 4th- 5th, 2019

Who doesn’t love a road trip! Some people can’t stand the car for long periods of time, like me mostly. Unless, of course, I am by myself and it is under the 2 hour mark. But this wasn’t the kind of 3 day or longer trip where the food is scarce, the car smells like gasoline and sweaty socks and you are sitting 3 in the back in a 2 seater VW Golf with someone you just met. Good lord knows we have had plenty of those. Gone are those days, they have been upgraded to full size SUV’s with plenty of leg maneuverability and full time jobs that allow a proper non gas station meal. Oh yeah, the company is also by choice, so when some pals and I decided to go 5 hours to see a concert, I had no choice really then to saddle up and let the reins loose. Left Toronto around noonish for a 7:30 opening song, get to the air bnb at around 5, time for a quick few games of Rampage and Ms. Pacman and off to the show. Mostly, my favorite band delivers an honest to goodness rock and roll show. There are always the shows that you you look forward to the pee break or to refresh your adult beverage, hardly at this one. I actually held it a little bit. Might be safe to say one of the best concerts I’ve seen from them in a while and so much fun being with old pals who don’t smell like sweaty socks and gasoline, it made a 10 hour return trip feel like I was young again. The mattress on the other hand made me feel real old.


It was nice to have my own bedroom, and in fact all 4 of us had one each, with a queen in each and 2 bedrooms upstairs with twins in each.


Pillowtop, on an extremely delicate thin black metal frame, with a tag that tells me Wal-Mart manufactured in China. Now, let’s be clear, I am not suggesting that all things manufactured in China and distributed by Wal-Mart are not good, it simply wasn’t great for me. Reminder that I never taint my experience or sleep by looking at the label ahead of my stay, it's always after the fact. I just didn’t find enough oomph in the piece to make me say anything other than, ok, “at least there is a mattress to lie down on.”


I can’t say it was horrible, I can't say it was great. I had about 7 hours of it by the time we got home form the show until someone's alarm woke me up at 7 AM. It was damp and cold in the room too, which made the wake up unpleasant, you know when you have to pee, but don't really want to get out of bed, and then finally you make the cold long walk in barefeet to finally do it and of course you can’t get back to sleep.


Not much to comment on here other than the thin blanket was nice, like something grandma would knit, and the sheets were as cold and stale as the room itself. Pillow was ok and just really had to make it into the car for the trip back home.


Great road trip with pals, for a great cause, if I had it my way next time, I’ll be sure to book a hotel, where sleep may or may not come at a higher price.🍻 🎸🎶🚗


great place to eat:

cant’ forget the retro appliances that were in the house


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