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Rocky Mountain High

The Madelaine Hotel - Telluride, Colorado Feb 2022

The last time I was skiing in Colorado was when I was about 16 and went with my mom to Vail. She broke her leg, I skied by myself. We were fortunate enough to be able to eat and laugh together, but it wasn't the trip that I hoped it would be, although the skiing was fabulous. I have been lucky to ski in the Canadian Rockies many times since, but getting back to the great state of Colorado was a privilege. We had an opportunity to visit with our family for the first time in over 2 years as they are making their winter home there. I tell you, this place ain't easy to get to, but boy is it worth it! Connect in Newark, fly into Montrose and a 1.5 drive later you are in the heart of the Telluride upper mountain village. Homes the size of Canada, peaks the height of Shaquille O'Neal and ski runs the length of the Nile. They sell these oxygen cannisters everywhere just in case you are feeling a little light headed, I personally was light headed from other shenanigans, not so much to do with the air up there! Anyways, we had 6 days of beautiful snow and beautiful meals and snowmobiling and skiing and hot tubbing and what a high this place is. Who needs the legal stuff to get that high. Speaking of high, the beds were pretty high in the room. See more below.


We were sharing a 3 bedroom condo/hotel room with our Coloradian family and the room we had was 2 queen beds. I ended sharing the bed with my boy and the Mrs. shared her bed with the girl. Not ideal in my world, but we were so zonked anyways that I didn't notice the boy kicking me so much.


So, this is a first. Shehechianu! A full latex 6" mattress with a 2" latex topper, followed up by a 2" white goose down topper. Luxury and cozy and beautiful. Eco luxury to boot! Latex is a great material for sleeping as it has a great understanding of how to conform to ones body without the necessary sinking in feel. You may ask, why so many layers. Well, I'll tell you. Layering is necessary and a huge component in all walks of life. Think about a layered cake and how much more delicious it is when you get to the cake and the filling and then more cake and then more icing on top. Then there is layering one's hair, how much better does it look, what about layering clothes, bricks and our beautiful planet Earth. All layered to provide brilliance. Mattresses are the same, the more layering a mattress has the better the chance to conform either within the guts of the mattress or separate components like this one. A 6" latex mattress on it's own, while lovely, has so much more positive impact on ones body with another 2" layer. "What about just having a solid 8" mattress?" a wise son may ask. The separation between the 2 pieces creates better airflow and therefore creates a more ergonomically correct alignment, creating better pressure relief creating better blood flow creating less tossing and turning, creating a better night's sleep. Some of the best mattresses we carry are layered and the most comfortable. Please take a look at CocoMat from Greece, an exceptional example of this.


Excellent! A ski holiday always seems to provide a solid 8 hours, the mattress surely helped that along, so much so that I wanted to stay in bed! But slopes were calling, maybe the only thing better than sleep is skiing and the only thing better than skiing is skiing with your family.


100% cotton topper with duck feathers. Makes that layering that much cooler and comfier. Linens were much of the same, 100% combed cotton and duck feather pillows too. Well done Madelaine, well done.


Telluride is an awesome place with that great ski village feel. Lots of great restaurants not only in the village town, but in Telluride proper. A cool old mining town that has tons of charm and appeal. No wonder many stars have homes there, Oprah, Neil Young, Tom Cruise and so many more. Look at going in February or March for best snow and weather results. ⛷ ⛰❄ ☺



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