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Siga Me Te Malakos


JULY 1 – 14

Back at it again. Summer of 2018 brings me back to the Ioninan island of Zakynthos to spend time with family and friends - where the heat is staggering and the sea is refreshing. A chance to relax, a chance to think, a chance to spend quality time with those who we don’t see often enough. Among the group is the Mrs., the 2 wallet sucking rug rats, the step sister and her daughter, the yiayia, the yiayias brother, Uncle Bubbis and his Kiwi wife. The cook from Manilla, Dimitrius the harbour master, Jorgos and his son, Jorgos the house manager, Jorgos the car rental guy, Jorgos, the gyros stand guy and of course the German boyfriend. So many familiar faces and so many stomach breaking laughs. Once again, the food, drink and sun were all too much yet never enough. We had 2 residences this time, the first week (image on the left) was a villa called Asimi and the second week brought us to Stouvega. Sleep was bountiful and deep. Dreams were vivid. I am home, but wish to be there again soon.


The Mrs. and I in one king size at both Asimi and Stouvega. Kids were somewhere else, not really sure to be honest, but they slept well too, so they said.


Asimi – no name, no tags, no codes, no dates, tipota – nothing. The base or foundation was Ikea, and the mattress was definitely and innerspring, so my initial thought was for sure Ikea,

but as I later found out it was a British company that I had never heard of. I didn’t even bother taking a picture of it.

What I did take a picture of was dinner – gigante beans. My god this was good. I realize this is supposed this entry is supposed to be about the mattress, but in no way was there any impact on my life, so f it. Dinner is so much more enjoyable to talk about.

Soaked the beans overnight, and then slow cooked them for about another 3 hours. Douse them in homemade tomato sauce with onions, carrots, peppers and a whole lot of love! For a real treat, add some kouneli stifado. Delicious.


I got the usual dose of island sleep. 11pm or 12 right through to 9 am. No lack of sleep here. Even been able to catch an occasional nap by the pool or sea. The lounges are giving the mattress a run for the money.




Business as usual.



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