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Ta Spas

Poros, Greece July 2023



There's a little inlet off of a bay off of the Saronic Gulf that is always flat. It makes it ideal to enjoy the beaches it has to offer and makes it ideal for water skiing. At the Drepani Ski Resort, skiing is a way of life. From sun up until sun down you can go anytime off of the 6 boats and get exceptional instruction from Satiros or Marianna - the father and mother who own and run the place. Vangellis a veteran friend and teacher and son Philipos, the son, are pretty good too. For the first time in 40 years, I actually had professional instruction. This is not to belittle the "teachers" I've had over the years, but let's be honest, they were kids at a summer camp who were no more qualified than Mickey Mouse, one of them my older sister! While she did help me get up for the first time, she never was able to teach me how to get better. I am a recreational skier, and maybe went a maximum of 5 times a summer if I was lucky. Anyhoo, this is is how my summer trip started. On my first run after 2 turns, Vangellis stopped the boat! I'm like "wtf!" In a loud booming voice with a thick accent in broken English I hear, "Mike" and I see him on the back of the boat pounding his chest - "keep your chest up". Don't use your arms! What's the matter with you, let the boat pull you!" I felt like I was in boot camp. Up again and 2 more turns - cuts the engine again. Pounding his chest - "Mike - chest up - arms lower!" I learnt more in 5 minutes than in 40 years! By the end of the 3rd day, I was cutting through the wake like a hot knife through butter and carving like I do to the turkey on Thanksgiving. 3 days of exceptional skiing and the cutest little resort where people come from all over to ski, with former and present Euro champs. I even got Vangellis to give me a hug and smile as I had done what he asked of me. Finding the place prior to google maps almost impossible and even with the gps, tough spot to hit as it is down some crazy windy roads and for sure off the beaten path. What made this an even more special place is that the island of Poros is about a 15 minute drive. Gorgeous spot to go to for both day and night to explore beaches and restaurants and walk about.


Cute little 2 floor houses on the property, about 8 of them, so 16 individual 2 or 3 bedroom units. Ours was a 2 bedroom that we shared with our Greek family and of course it was cozy. The Mrs and I in a euro "queen" and the boy was on a cot in our room. Tight! The girl was on a pull out sofa with her cousin in the main room. Nice balcony to enjoy the view and really all you need as the majority of the day is spent on the water.


As you may know from previous Greek posts, Ideal Strom is the go to here in most of the country. These mattresses were a bit of an upgrade and the Morfeas has some extra layering in them to make them super cozy. All latex foam and conforming and nothing better that you can ask for especially for sore and achy bones and muscles after skiing. Morfeas makes all kinds of mattresses, all foam, pocket coil and also a hybrid, little of both. I liked the comfort of the foam and nothing overly sinky. Its nice to be able to move with ease and not have a feeling of getting stuck.


I always try to expand my Greek vocab when I visit, trying to find new words or sayings that make me and the locals feel a bit more warm. My new one for this trip was Ta spas. They certainly did break it and rock it. Amazing spot if you want to improve your skiing or just get yelled at. We love visiting new places and experiencing different challenges, and this is the place for both. The boy and girl both skied their hearts and the improvement they made in 3 days was heart warming. I am blessed to be able to show them and give them new outlooks and perspectives as my parents have shown me. CHEST UP! 🛥🧰👆👍👎😁


Just a few yachts in Poros with their own helipad!

Vangellis and me skiing, probably the first time he cut the boat! arms are way too high!


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