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Tennesee, Tennessee, There A'int No Place I'd Rather Be

Nashville, TN October 24th and 27th 2022

So now that you got the Friday and Saturday account, you have to know or rather I must tell you the bookends. The first leg was in Music City, USA. Boy do I love it here. "Music sweet music I wish I could caress and a kiss". Getting to Tuscaloosa was either a 3 hour drive from Atlanta, or a 3:45 from Nashville. PPPFFFFF, no brainer. "If music be the food of life, play on". Some old English playwright quilled that a long time ago, I read it for the first time in junior high, Twelfth Night. I'll never forget it, I'll never forget that opening line and what I took from it - music is food for the soul. A force that has so much power to enhance emotions, that no matter what genre, style, beat, tempo, rhythm it comes at you, it will take you on a journey and take you where you want it to. I remember some of the first albums (cd's) that I got when I was 12ish, Neil Diamond (the Jazz Singer) is big in my life, U2 Joshua Tree, Peter Gabriel SO is where the exploration began 1986 - revealing how old I am here. Then I started reading liner notes (remember those?) and the rabbit hole began and I'm still digging on 35 years later. Why do I tell you this? I tell you this because country music was a bit of a late bloom for me. I dabbled with Willie and Johnny and Waylon and Merle and Hank, but never really explored. "Three chords and the truth". The deep emotions and honesty in the lyrics and the phrasing - blew me away and I have been deeply entrenched in it ever since. ("Dropkick me Jesus through the goalposts of life" and "You're The Reason our Kids Are Ugly" are 2 prime examples - can't get more honest than that!) I am also so happy that country is making a beautiful comeback with so many newer and younger artists really showcasing their lyrical genius and sincere approach to their country craft. (Stapleton and Combs but for sure check Charley Crockett). In Nashville, they like the country, a bit of rock and roll, and some sweet soul too, but mostly country is what you will find on the Honky Tonk Broadway strip with live music in every joint! All the bands take requests for tips or drinks, but they don't know much, so curb your expectations. They all seemed to only know one Stones tune (can you guess which one?) and when I thought Petty would be a nice change, the whole strip only pulled out the same song too (can you guess which one?) They must all rehearse together. Anyhoo, this is an emotional place for me, I have deep connections with people I have met there spanning years and over multiple visits, and what do you know, this time was no different. Closing several bars that night, I felt I had diamonds on the souls of my shoes, whatever that means Paul Simon, really it's the first thing that came to mind, SO MUCH FUN! Nashville, "I can't get you out of my head". I haven't even gotten to the fact it was Thanksgiving. I have always had a fascination with the US and their holidays and everything US of A......Really the point is. Thanksgiving is all about me and I am all about Thanksgiving, I am grateful always for what I have, what I do, what this great world has to offer and the most incredible people it has spawned. I'm rambling now.....This may be another post, so I'll just leave it and say THANK YOU! Haven't even talked about the food yet! BBQ lovers dream. For sure another post. Oh yeah, did I mention that we caught another football game before our flight. Let's get to sleep.


VRBO for the night was a great place built by Sondor. This company has houses in 40 cities all over Canada and the US and Europe and are specifically built to house getaway groups and all the houses appear to have modern sleek designs. Started by a kid in Montreal, a new way to experience a city. In Nashville, we were in the Music Row district, right across from Vanderbilt University. Great location within walking distance of some great bars and restaurants and a very short walk to downtown. There were 5 of us in Nashville and we each had our own room with a queen. Well done and well spaced out 3 story house. Full of natural light, clean and roomy.


As soon as I sat on the edge of the bed, I was cursing. Firm foam. uggghhhhh. Love the foam, hate the firm. I didn't let it get to my head too much as I knew there wasn't going to be much sleep anyways, I mean I had no idea that it was only going to be 4 hours, but if you told me at the beginning of the night that it WAS only going to be 4 hours of sleep I would've have taken it. Maybe it was in the back of my mind that I had to get in around 5 am to avoid the bad sleep I was anticipating! Best part about it is when I woke up and took my pics, it was great to see the Montreal kid using a local Montreal product to furnish all of his rooms. Primo International is a supplier of mine and they have a wide array of home furnishing, beds, mattresses, adjustable beds, all sorts of stuff. The mattress itself was a bed in a box, and it felt like it was still in the box. FIRM, no give, no nothing, the floor may not have been much different in feel. Foam is supposed to give a little bit, the whole idea of foam mattresses is to conform and get into the pressure points to relieve them. Nope, not a inch. All in all, not impressed by the choice of mattress here considering the whole house was such a pleasure and really well kept.


SEE ABOVE - NOT MUCH OF IT THANKS TO THE WHISKEY BENT (and hell bound) - That's a country music reference.


The tail end of this trip before our flight out was another football game. The Titans against the Bengals. A double header of sorts. We were up at 7 am and drove straight to the game from Tuscaloosa, not sure how we made it, but in our seats for kickoff. After the game, straight to the airport, which floored me that I had to leave for many reasons. Heartbroken truly, but knowing I will be back and hoping to reconnect with some good friends in the near future. What a weekend, what a blast, what a feeling, what a rush. I felt young, I felt alive, I felt that I can still boogie and I felt that I have so much to offer even as an older cucker. I felt right. Franklin, "My heart is full of love and desire for you, You started this fire down in my soul, Now can't you see it's burning out of control" There is so much goodness to be had and so much love for all who live there and around it and near it. So many great conversations and interactions with like minded folks and even though we had all night, it felt like it only lasted 30 seconds. 😉




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