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That don't impress me much

Huntsville, Ontario Feb 2019

Sconce on the wall when we walked in (I swear the camera is not tilted) and the bathroom had a heat lamp – awesome!

Deerhurst Resort

I suppose that if you call it Family day weekend, there has to be some time spent with family. Dreadful. Or rather delightful depending on your family. My family rocks so the Mrs. and I packed up the car once again – shoved the cuckers in the back, told my brother to do the same and headed up to what was ONCE a family place classic – a true gem of northern Ontario for both summer and winter getaways. So much so, that the G8 summit was held there in 2010 and one very famous person got their start here.* Can you imagine all the heads of state from some of the most powerful countries getting together to discuss the world’s most important environmental, economical, and security issues of the day in a place that doesn’t even have bathrobes or slippers in the room? That was just the beginning. Housekeeping was non existent and the service was atrocious. Food was average at best – stick to regular french onion soup please, not some fancy pureed half ass attempt at remaking a classic. It was so bad the waitress apologized and brought us a warm draught beer and continued to tell us that it was a mispour as a result of a wrong order entered. She told us this! What server tells you that! Thanks so much for the lovely gesture. Don’t get me started on the front desk – it might as well have been in the back – useless and gave us poor information all weekend long. Please don’t charge extrodinant dollars for below average. Soap dispensers! Clothes line and taps coming apart, not to mention the tiles or the grout that was far from white. No updates in decades. I guess they can, so they do. The ironic part is that the mattress was great and the one ray of light (outside of being with my family of course) the whole weekend.

*Please see the link section below for the reveal

Stay with us! We we will wow you with our bathrooms!


2 x queen beds in a standard size room with a fridge that didn’t work and when it was swapped out with one that did, we had to turn it around and cover it with a jacket as the light kept blinking – horrible, just horrible.


Maybe it’s the same ownership as Horseshoe Resort? Turns out it is, meaning its the same mattress, although this one felt better. Serta Perfect Sleeper Presidential Suite again. Slight pillowtop and really really cozy. Manufactured summer of 2013, really great support and comfort with just the right amount of squish – not overly sinky with some real good uplift to it. You may or not remember that I am not a huge fan of thick pillowtops as for the most part they are just filler, no real steak, rather all sizzle. I have been on so many of these Presidential’s and they are all different.


Not sure how this happened but I ended up sleeping with the boy and the Mrs. took the girl. Mistake #1. The boy is restless and came on to my side a few times. He kicked me and I lifted my head suddenly – BAM – right in the kisser! Night number 1 shot to pieces. Still the sleep was good and night 2 presented less drama and could enjoy the mattress more. Slept well and as mentioned above the one great thing about this excursion…….


Polyester – not sure about you, when I hear and say the word polyester all I can think of is some horrible looking and scratchy feeling shirt that irritates my skin and makes me uncomfortable. That and the 70’s. How apropos that the linens here were 100% polyester. This hotel is in a full time warp, but let’s not do it again, Patricia Quinn.


Almost forget to mention the broken hangers, the fraying towels and the overwhelming stench of bad hotel room. Oh yeah, dogs. Dogs everywhere. When did this become the norm? Pet friendly means pet friendly for your home, not for hotels. Sorry and not sorry to all of the dog owners out there, but no matter how cute, quiet, cuddly, non shedding, non allergic, non slobbering, non stinky your dog is keep them at home, some other people may find them offensive and remember that they are on holiday too and might not want to hear your dog barking at midnight next door. As if the rooms here aren’t bad enough.



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