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That Toddlin' Town

Chicago August 21, 2022

What a town, what a city, what a rush. Wallet suckers were away from each other for a few weeks in the summer and the Mrs. thought it would be a great idea to "regroup" as she likes to say and have the kids connect again. We all make fun of her, as we should and as she deserves, because we are lucky enough to say that we don't need to regroup as a family and we don't need to reconnect. However, if there is ever a place to reconnect and regroup, Chicago is where it's at. We decided to go as a family and take in the sites and tours and food and events that the only the windy city can offer. A few nights together again after a bunch of weeks not together. The kids have not been, and it was about 5 years since we had last been. We do the same thing every time we are there though and it doesn't get old or stale and to be able to show the kids what we love about this town is as good as it gets, for me anyways. The lobster clubhouse sandwich at the RL restaurant, the architectural boat tour, Wrigley Field of course, the liveliness of Michigan Ave and of course the deep dish. We even got to the Sears/Willis tower tour which was new for the adults. Taking the family to Wrigley Field is truly special. My daughter was on her phone a lot, but she did appreciate that the stadium opened in 1914 and quickly put together that the original scoreboard was still active as she saw people change the numbers manually! Very cool spot and a must even if you don't care much for Americas National Pastime. Love it here and if it had theatre like NY does, It would be my favorite spot. Lots to do, lots to see, lots of sleeping.


The Blackstone Hotel. Really cool place and amazing history - check it out below in the links section. South side of the river but right across from Grant Park, near the bean, near the fountains, near an L train stop, close to theatres and even Buddy Guy's Legends bar. 2 Queen beds and a pull out sofa in a generously sized room for all 4 of us. Really well spaced out room. Did not feel cramped at all and would recommend to any 4 travelers for 1 room, even all adults. View was nothing to talk about except for Lake Michigan, as you can see below, but really we were in the room to sleep and that we did.

View from our window


Sealy Posturepedic Artesia HD - not sure what the HD is for yet, maybe high density? Certainly not heavy duty.

Decent sleeping mattress here. No pillowtop but almost a pillowtop built in, which a lot of manufacturers are doing these days. The Marriott's use a variety of manufacturers around the world and across North America. You don't always get a Sealy, or at least a Sealy that has a nice cushion top with a smooth feel, not bouncy tops and no lazy tack and jump stitching patterns that looks nice in the store, but offers Ø when it comes to the actual sleep experience. I wish more companies would focus on the sleeping experience as opposed to trying to sell mattresses that "look nice" in the store. Most of those companies don't even get that part correct by overpaying some designer to come up with a color scheme that nobody really likes anyways.


Got some! No trouble at all and about 8 hours. Leisurely wake up with no alarm or anticipation of one, moved a bit from side to side. That could've been from the Mrs. as were in a queen away from our normal king set up at home. Not easy to move from a 2 piece king adjustable bed to a 1 piece queen.


Just a great city with so much to do and not as busy as some other BIG cities. I highly recommend the Blackstone again and all it has to offer. I look forward to the next time we get back to Chicago, love Midway airport and only hope the Cubs are better so the trip to Wrigley can mean a bit more. Food is tremendous and the people are lovely. Don't miss out on the steak, popcorn and pizza. 🍕🍿⚾🏦




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