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Up the Hill, Down the Hill

Halifax, Nova Scotia October 27-29th 2022

The Mrs. was asked to go out east and do a workshop. It was her birthday and the anniversary of our vows we made to each other 18 years ago. I suppose when she asked me to join her, I couldn't say no, but I wanted to go anyways. I mean, a weekend away from the little ones should always be welcome, we can't just do everything for THEM. I have never been to Halifax and I didn't want to be away from her on such an occasion. For so many years, we have made trips as a result of her work and it has always been a pleasure to ride on her coattails and even more of a pleasure to watch her do her thing. Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and now HALIFAX! More about those exotic locations in the future. A quick 2 hour flight gets un in at noon local time and off to downtown for a quick jaunt of the harbourfront which is bustling, the architecture is a great mix of new and old and the people are plentiful and full of smiles. The air is fresh and crisp and a bite in the air at this time of the year, making the outdoor firepits a useful tool to enjoy a snack and cocktail before dinner. I booked a few restaurants for dinner and not much else, I was eager to see what kind of fare this town had to offer and also excited to be in a new city, a young city, a city that is growing fast and furious and with good reason. Dalhousie is a great university that is home to a great array of academics and also offers students a chance to explore the outdoors, coastal hikes, beaches and home to my good pals daughter, so when we met for lunch I was that more excited. I have seen her grow up and she is blossoming there. When I told her she had to pay for lunch, she didn't even flinch! We had a blast, with some great food and drink, lobster is fresh and sweet, and the best part of it all is no need for the gym. Up the hill for dinner, down the hill after dinner, up the hill for drinks, and lucky for us back down the hill in a steady manner. We met navy officers from all over the US, Europe and Canada who happened to be in town for the weekend. These kids get happy and quick as they should and were impressed with their outstanding attitude and wanting to make the world a better place, that and the paycheck isn't so bad. Down the hill we go for some zzzz's.


The Muir Hotel. A beautiful brand new building right on the water, and don't stay anywhere else. The room was modern and tasteful and well laid out, with its circular window boat décor and full view of the waterfront, really couldn't have done better.


A classic. Lucky that the hotel was relatively new, so goes the mattress. Simmons Hospitality division is dependable and reliable. A go to in the hotel world, and this hotel being part of the Marriot Autograph Collection of hotels, easy to see whey they made this choice. Been to a few Autograph hotels now and even the Euro ones have the Simmons as part of their lineup. A firmer tight top with no fancy extra tops. Straight up goodness, nothing though that you can't purchase at a local sleep store. Just ask for the Simmons Beautyrest Harmony lineup and choose your comfort!


Lots of it. Not sure that it mattered if this one was firm or not, I was with my bride of 18 years, the mother of my children, my great friend, the woman I asked to grow old with me. The floor wouldn't have affected my mood this weekend or any weekend with her for that matter.


A fun place to visit and lots to do including the Maritime Museum, a historical spot documenting the Titanic and so much rich history of immigrants landing here throughout the decades. I love the relaxed aura of this place and I recommend staying on the water for a true experience. The bars are filled with singer songwriters all true to their east coast heritage. Lots of fun to be had in Halifax. 🎶⛵🚢🌉🦞

GREAT RELATED LINKS This was on for Halloween weekend - the lineups were intense and the costumes were outrageous. Fun to see!


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