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What a Rush!

Niagara-on the Lake, Ontario - The Queen’s Landing Hotel

October 9-11, 2021

Another Thanksgiving north of the 49th and an excuse to get away. This time, the Mrs. was the planner and I had no say. Where can we go within a few hours drive from the city and have some fun with the kids. Not many places offer a lot of fun and interesting sites depending on what you’re into. We are into a whole lot of nothing for the most part, but we dabble in adventure and exploration. Niagara on the Lake it is! Pack up the car with snacks, some day bags, chargers, phones, sunglasses and the wallet draining rugrats. 1.5 hours to the majestic Queen’s Landing hotel, that was built so long ago, that they should have no excuses for updates, but apparently the Queen herself was not on board with any renovations. We were promised a king bed with a pull out sofa. We got a king bed and 2 sitting chairs. I wasn’t about to have the kids sleep in my bed, so after a phone call and a minor complaint, voila! By appointment of her Majesty the Queen herself! 2 cots next to the king and the sitting chairs in the bathroom and all over. It was like a fort in there and how fitting as the hotel is situated next to Fort George which we toured the next day. The kids were asking all great questions about the war and why we needed a fort and why there was fighting, and then I felt like I was in grade 10 history class all over. I was impressed with my answers that I coulve applied to be a tour guide. Thanks to Mr. Trute and Mr. Butters. The area is really rich with things to do, we visited our favorite winery for lunch, had some fun in Niagara Falls, about 20 mins away and the major highlight was seeing Niagara Falls from 3000 ft in the air. Helicopter tour! I felt like I was in a movie for about 15 mins and it was my idea, so needless to say I drained my own wallet and a super cool experience. The best though is just being together, we don’t need much except for sleep, boy does this family like to sleep.


See above!


Serta Perfect Sleeper Master Suite, for our regular room. I probably have reviewed this type of mattress 20 times already, but here we go again. A comfortable choice for hotels neither firm nor plush but right down the middle. A tight top that had some good use and not overly used.

Not a bad choice, certainly not by appointment of her majesty the queen as she likes to sleep on a Hypnos mattress. The mattress was layered with a protector and a mattress pad that gave it some extra cushion for my hips and shoulders.


8 hours per night, after full bellies from great dinners and ice cream.


100% cotton sheets and duvet and mattress pad – well done.


A great time away and great experiences. The hotel is nestled away from the hoopla and there are so many great wineries and trails to keep oneself busy for days. Really a great spot for families and couples and anyone who is looking for a relaxing few days. 🚁🍷🍦🍁




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