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Wynn Las Vegas

Feb 27th and 28th, 2017

I was invited to attend the Medtrade convention at the last minute to meet with some suppliers of medical beds and other related assistive devices. I remember the days of going to Vegas with the boys – planning, booking, salivating. The weekend couldn’t come fast enough! Some would tell you that going to Las Vegas for fun is one thing, going for business ALONE is a little bit different, as I found out, it was not that much different. I booked my flight the night before and my hotel the morning of my flight. I decided to stay at The Wynn, a reunion of sorts. Reunions are comfortable and familiar, plus this hotel is relatively vagrant free and I have had some gambling luck there in the past.

Being ALONE is something I like from time to time, my wife will be the first to tell you. In fact, being ALONE dates back to when I was 13, I even remember a t shirt that my parents bought me, it read “LEAVE ME ALONE” – in big bold black letters. My meetings were all day Tuesday, so I had the chance to be ALONE Monday. Played some blackjack, and won, went to the sports book and watched some hockey, got a new battery for my watch, played some more blackjack and lost. Made a reservation for ONE person (welcome to Loserville, population, YOU) at Nine Steak House at the Palms Hotel. An old favorite. I show up and realize, I don’t have my phone – oh shit! Talk about being ALONE. I sulked for a bit and was figuring out my next steps, and in the meantime had an outstanding meal – the potato gnocchi as a side dish was insanely good and my filet was cooked to perfection.

This has to happen all the time in Vegas, no? Drunks and soberites alike, people leaving their mobile devices every day in cabs and washrooms and too many other places to name. It was my first time but I was fortunate that night. As I slapped down my cc to pay the bill, the loveliest of lovely Maitre D’, Helen tracked it down! brought it to my table and we hugged, rather I hugged her. I was not ALONE and it felt good. She repeatedly called the cab companies and my phone, my driver finally answered it and drove it back to the restaurant. A major thanks to the cabbie, whose name I never got, but I will always remember that kindness.

For some reason, I feel that even if I was with friends or family, this night could have gone the same way – a lost cell phone – a great meal and lots of hugs. I am fortunate. Needless to say, I went back to the hotel ALONE and played some more blackjack and won.


1 night ALONE. King bed.


Sealy Posturepedic, double pillow top. Label says 2015, which means relatively low use rate but you never know when the mattress was actually made. The hotel may have labels made up for future dates, it is Vegas. The mattress, however, did look in good condition and seemed to have very little use. A traditional box spring was used on a recessed platform base which had a minor creak in it, but didn’t effect my sleep and not enough to complain about, but you never know who may.


Afternoon nap on Monday was terrific. Now, with a wife and 2 kids and work and life, who has time for a nap? A rock would have been nice for a nap. I slept that night from 11 PM – 8 AM local time, which of course was 2 AM – 11 AM east coast and the clock I was working off of. I was kind of the ALONE sober, a couple of drinks sober, but certainly not Vegas drunk. This was a wonderful sleep.


100% Egyptian cotton linens, duvet cover and pillow cases. Pillows and duvet cover 100% down. If i had a microphone right now, I would drop it.


My only night was outstanding. Sealy did something really well here. They combine a pocket coil construction on the firmer side, but build it up with a swank, cozy and plush pillow top. The support it offers is great, no sinking hips for the side sleeper, while all of us with shoulder pains and issues are well taken care of. This mattress is something, though, that you CAN find in retail stores. The double pillow top might be tough to spot, but a one sided euro top would do the trick. Make sure you ask for cushion firm.


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