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Reverie Foundations

We offer a range of adjustable foundations with different functionalities to meet most needs. Since everyone’s ideal of optimal comfort is a little different, flat definitely doesn’t cut it for everything. So why settle? Float off to sleep in Zero Gravity, which takes pressure off the lumbar region. Help silence that locomotive next to you with AntiSnore position. Support your back and knees to read comfortably or watch TV. If your feet are sore, raise them to alleviate swelling.


Sounds pretty good; right? Every Reverie adjustable foundation is superbly engineered to operate smoothly and quietly. They are state of the art pieces of technology, backed by a limited 20-year warranty.



- 9T

The 9T adjustable base combines a stylish look and cutting-edge features with individual lumbar functionality, giving you 100 discrete points of lumbar support which allows you to fine-tune the support of your spine. Combined with Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to connect your bed to our Reverie Nightstand app and access bonus features like smart alarms, the 9T is able to meet your every comfort need and more.  Our most luxurious base. Infinite positions, Zero Gravity and AntiSnore presets, high definition massage with four wave patterns, Bluetooth® Smart enabled, advanced lumbar support, sleek frame design, ProGrip technology, nightlight, and OLED remote.

- R400

The R400 adjustable base is the perfect mid range option for those looking for incredible comfort and the latest tech features. The R400 not only comes with infinite head and foot adjustability, our 3D-Wave™ massage, and Bluetooth®️ compatibility, but it’s also easily foldable, making it one of our most transportable options, perfect for getting up narrow stairways and through tight hallways.

- O300T

The O300T adjustable base offers luxurious comfort at an affordable price, thanks to the preset Zero Gravity position, which allows you to simulate the out-of-this-world comfort of near-weightlessness. This power base also comes equipped with an LED under-bed night light, and the option to program your two favorite customized positions for even greater convenience.

reverie 9T_hero-1-700x393.jpg

Size Availability

  • Twin XL 38″ x 80″

  • Queen 60″ x 80″

  • Dual King 2 x 38″ x 80″
    ***Full 54″ x 74″ are available in some models and require 6 week lead time***

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