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Toronto Feb 17th – 19th 2018

The Westin Harbour Castle

Anniversary #1. In the last year, I have been fortunate to have been in some beautiful places, I have been fortunate to experience some wonderful adventures, and I have been fortunate to share most of them with my immediate and extended family and friends. It’s been 1 year since I started to write my thoughts in a public space and I really am grateful for how much I’ve seen, done, enjoyed and accomplished – some on my own, mostly with the help of others. My 1 year brings us full circle back to the stay cation, a repeat of Family day weekend, but in a different hotel and different activities. This year brought us skating to the Bentway, a skating trail under a highway in the downtown core.

The stay also brought us to the Auto show and The Rec Room. I’ve had numerous good night sleeps If we are lucky we get 85 or so of them, if we are luckier we get most to all of them healthy, and if were are the luckiest, we get them all healthy and happy and with very little


The whole family in one room, overlooking the half frozen lake. 2 double beds. I asked which kid was going to sleep with me and immediately got the “you take up too much space – you’re sleeping with mommy”. This was the beginning of the nightmare. The Mrs. and I in a double. Not good, not good at all. I am not a fan of small spaces. And I don’t like sleeping in a double bed, let alone sharing it.


The famed heavenly bed. PPPPFFFFFF – add in a roll of the eyes while you are PPPPPFFFFFING and it makes it so much more effective. For years in the shoppe, I have had clients talk about the heavenly bed and “can you get the heavenly bed?”, and “I had the best sleep ever on the heavenly bed” and “omg, this is the best bed ever” and heavenly this and heavenly that. I did some research.

OMG was right. Very basic bed by Simmons. Nothing special, no high coil counts, no fancy pillow top***, nothing special. But for some reason, everyone loves it. To this point in my career, I had never actually slept on one. I have one in the showroom, but I have never been kicked out of the house and had to sleep at the store. “Don’t believe the hype” coined Chuck D and Flavor Flav. We seemed to luck out on this mattress from a manufacturing date point of view. January 2017, looks like someone else is celebrating their 1st anniversary too – how beshert, however, I found this to be the most interesting. See that zipper on the pillow top? Yes, that’s a removable pillow top – smart right? Not so smart, especially when it is 100% polyester. Hot as hell! Now, what I don’t know is how often they replace just the zipper top and how often they actually replace the mattress. When I find out I’ll be sure to pass it along.


Didn’t. Horrible. Terrible. See above and below


So, we are all over the place here. Pillows by Downlite Hospitality. Solid nothing to complain about. Linens by Sobel Westex, a forerunner in the hospitality game but nothing spectacular, we have run into them in Las Vegas and others. Here’s where it gets hot and gross and super uncomfortable. While the duvet shell is 100% cotton with some down elements, the duvet cover, top right picture, is 100% polyester. I repeat, 100% polyester. Zero breathe ability, zero comfort, you need about a gallon of moisturizing cream to compensate for the overwhelming dryness that hits your skin. No fun at all, yet the actually promote this and sell it to the public. What the what is going on here. In my heaven there is no polyester. So hot under the covers and so cold without them. No way to sleep at all.


Great hotel, great fun, and a great location if you are visiting Toronto. Do not get excited about the heavenly bed, do not get teased by Westin’s promise that you will sleep well. I guess what I’m saying here is that if you had a choice between 2 hotels and everything was the same – I wouldn’t choose this one based on the mattress.

P.S the soap that I took was not even good either.



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